KNESKO Launches At Dolce Vita Skin

Identifying KNESKO as the perfect complement to her medispa offerings, VITA CATANZARITI is enhancing her patients’ skin journey with the gemstone infused masks and serums.

Renowned skin clinic Dolce Vita Skin, located in Erina, New South Wales is introducing KNESKO to their menu of services. Two Australian female entrepreneurs with aligned visions on wellness and skincare partner together.

Vita Catanzariti

Vita Catanzariti is a highly trained Dermal Therapist whose leading treatments and superior results have earned her the name, the “Skin Whisperer”. After 13 years of working alongside Plastic Surgeons, Vita felt inspired to create a space that offered more connection with clients and their treatments, and provide a holistic approach to their skin journey. She founded Dolce Vita Skin to harmonise her vision of clinical skincare with a long term approach that prioritised wellness and an exceptional guest experience.

KNESKO’s success story

Vita’s partnership with KNESKO came as one of the brand’s first partnerships in Australia. 2024 has been an exciting year for KNESKO Skin with the initial launch of KNESKO AUSTRALIA, the acquisition of the company’s warehouse in Perth, and their partnership debut with Crown Spa Sydney.

Lejla Cas

Over the last decade, KNESKO has seen global success. The brand was founded by Lejla Cas, a highly trained esthetician whose career in the beauty industry began when she lived in Perth Australia, before she moved to the United States in 2007. Through her connections with thousands of clients across the globe, Lejla realised that everyone was seeking the same thing. They wanted intentional time for themselves to recharge, and a skincare routine that was effective, luxurious, and healing.

Lejla founded KNESKO in 2012 with her husband Sean, and it has grown to be championed by estheticians, makeup artists, and dermal therapists worldwide. KNESKO’s holistic approach to beauty resonates with the ever growing desire for an exceptional guest experience that keeps efficacy and wellness at top of mind.

Each of KNESKO’s six collections are crafted with revolutionary GEMCLINICAL® technology which is the infusion of real crushed gemstones that optimise the delivery of active ingredients while balancing the chakras. KNESKO’s products are all charged with Reiki energy by Lejla, a Reiki Master herself, and formulated with clean, clinical ingredients to target every skin concern.

Combining clinical treatments with the mind-skin connection Vita’s ethos for effective clinical skin treatments with a personal, holistic touch seems to perfectly aligned with Lejla’s unique approach to formulating high-vibrational skincare. The partnership is meaningful to both female entrepreneurs.

“Deciding to bring KNESKO on board was a shift towards the mind-skin connection. Our vision is to have a multi-sensory experience combined with clinical treatments to complete the skin journey and boost health and well- being. To personalise these skin concerns is a win. It doesn’t matter how great the products are, there must be a beautiful experiential feel. KNESKO aligns with our vision,” says Vita.

“The way that Vita has embraced the brand and integrated KNESKO into her treatments with a clinical perspective is my dream scenario. Vita’s approach to skincare is so harmonious with my approach to formulating, so it’s a fantastic match. I could not be more thrilled that we found one another and that we are forging a true partnership together,” Lejla concluded.

Responding to client demand

KNESKO is now available at Dolce Vita Skin

The Australian market seems to be craving more wellness integration into clinical skincare. When asked about why now felt like the time to introduce her clients to KNESKO, Vita shared, “this is the perfect time with wellness on the rise; we feel with that comes a more emotional experience.

It’s all about mixing it up, evolving and meeting consumer demand and introducing spiritual and therapeutic care tech, and treatments that enhance mental, emotional and physical health. Clients are spending more time caring about mental and emotional health; the beauty and wellness industry is responding.”

Vita continued, “We are excited adding the mood boosting KNESKO range of masks and serums, filled with colour. Training our staff since COVID in emotional intelligence, dopamine beauty is all about making clients look and feel great. I am looking to incorporate these into the treatment room and extend to home care to give a more youthful radiant complexion.”

KNESKO Skin is globally known for being the preferred menu enhancement among luxury spas and is also favoured in clinical settings for its post regenerative technology. This aspect appealed to Vita, “My services are multi-disciplinary with everything from medical grade facials to cosmetic treatment offerings. Including these during the consultation process and having discussions around pre and post care with clinical treatments, KNESKO provides the complete skin service.”

The science behind KNESKO

The cutting-edge GEMCLINICAL® technology used in each product is perfect for clinical application. Made with a bioavailable marine collagen that utilises a special poly-peptide delivery system, the mask itself melts and penetrates through the epidermal barrier as it sits on the skin for intense hydration. With a triple helix structure that stores up to 10x more nutrients and 22ml of age-defying serum in each face mask sachet, there is no comparison amongst competitors.

KNESKO masks also feature hydrogel technology, that is used in burn units in hospitals to fast-track wound healing. The notable thickness of the masks helps drive actives deeper into the skin. This wound-healing technology makes the collagen masks perfect for medispa procedures. The soothing effect of our masks help to reduce visible redness, puffiness and irritation, providing rapid post-treatment comfort and skin restoration.

Vita praised the integration of the brand in her clinical treatments to balance post procedure recovery with holistic self-care, “Having high performance masks and serums completes the skin journey. KNESKO masks with Gemstone serums can be used to promote healing and recovery of the skin both as part of any aesthetic medical treatments such as lasers, micro needling, injectables and for post procedure aftercare. Also, to destress and connect with mind and body, this is an added benefit. Now more than ever we can give permission to take time to self-care. “

KNESKO’s core value is bridging science and spirituality with a commitment to both results-based skincare and sustainable practices. “Our partnership with KNESKO is the perfect fit for Dolce Vita Skin,” explains Vita. “With over 25 years industry experience I like to stay on top of the latest scientifically backed data and innovations putting the needs of our clients first and sought to deliver the necessary treatments and product ranges. I love the fact that the mask range is eco-friendly, making changes to use products that cause little or no harm to the planet. The range is stunning, delivering long lasting results. This is a wonderful partnership with premium formulas and aligns beautifully with our existing leader skin care brands.“

When asked what Vita’s favourite KNESKO product was, she responded with the brand’s Global Bestseller, “my absolute favourite KNESKO product would have to be the Gold Repair Collagen Face Mask with the glimmering gold and science tested active ingredients that firm, lift and repair the skin. It gives an instant glow and elevates my skin care regime. I always say to clients that if you have somewhere special to go and want an instant glow these KNESKO masks are great to have on hand and perfect to use for the changing season.“

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