Future-proof your practice: with triLift

The most impressive new anti-ageing device in non-invasive aesthetics is triLift by Lumenis.  

The future of aesthetic technology

The sleek device combines three Lumenis technologies, including Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), to deliver a sequential treatment that reawakens patients’ natural beauty. The overwhelming effect of triLift is that it brings out a more youthful appearance and produces a facelift-like effect—without needles or surgery.

For Dr. Saras Sundrum, Cosmetic Physician and Founder/Director of Dr. Saras & Co aesthetic clinics, helping her patients to achieve impressive anti-ageing results without surgery is just one of the reasons she has introduced triLift at her three Sydney-based clinics. “triLift by Lumenis is a very exciting, new, and extraordinary technology,” shares Dr. Saras. “It allows me as a cosmetic physician to offer my patients an anti-aging and lifting result almost as good as surgery… without the risks and downside of surgery!!”

Improve your practice beyond expectations

Treatment with triLift achieves its anti-ageing results by addressing all the major areas of ageing. In fact, one of the most innovative benefits of triLift is that this single device has the capability to address and improve all the following face ageing concerns within one treatment, with cumulative results: skin texture, wrinkles and fine lines, volume production, and facial muscles.

Since introducing triLift to her clinics, Dr. Saras has experienced strong interest and remarkable patient results. “triLift is going to change the world of cosmetic medicine. It allows us to offer a powerful treatment to slow down ageing but in a safe, easy, and non-invasive way.” triLift will attract patients to your practice, putting you on track to earn a strong ROI, build an impressive rapport with clients, and form a reputation as a leader in anti-ageing aesthetics.

You can be confident that your practice will be future-proofed with triLift.


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