A new era of skincare that is kind to the skin AND kind to the planet.

In the beauty, wellness & aesthetics industry, many organisations are working towards environmentally friendly practices, however, in an era where greenwashing is rife, it’s refreshing to see an organisation ahead of the curb and practising what they preach.

Advanced Skin Technology (AST) have made a name for themselves through their exemplary service, product offering, and commitment to ethical practices, and 2023 proves to be no exception.

Launching on April 3rd, the Aspect Platinum range will be the first major step as AST and Aspect Skincare progressively move into a more sustainable future. Committed to delivering technologically advanced formulations to support superior clinical outcomes while mindful of their environmental impact, Aspect Platinum has been developed with a zero-waste mindset. Using recycled plastics in their vessels and promoting a circular economy through TerraCycle’s Zero Waste solutions, Aspect Platinum is more than a range of extraordinary products. It’s a range that comes with a promise of change.

Dedicated to being sustainable on every level, the Aspect Platinum packaging doesn’t just look amazing, it is amazing. From the biodegradable films and foil to the vegetable-based inks, these boxes have been made with minimal impact on the environment and are 100% recyclable.

The sustainable responsibilities do not just sit with the brand with this range. All exclusive distributors of the Aspect Platinum have also committed to the recycling model and are excited to enter into a new era of product performance, both on a clinical and environmental levels.

With their eyes firmly set on the future, AST is proving that it’s possible to have it all – innovative, high-performance skincare products that are kind to both the skin and the planet. As they strive towards surpassing the Australian Government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets, AST is well on its way to becoming a shining example of how businesses in the beauty, wellness, and aesthetics industries can successfully balance product excellence with environmental stewardship.

Limited release- Available through selected clinicians.

To register your interest in becoming an Aspect Platinum stockist, enquire here:

AST Stockist Interest (advancedskin.com.au)

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Aspect Platinum is exclusively distributed in Australia by Advanced Skin Technology
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