5 Lessons We Learnt About Running A Successful Skin Clinic From Dr Isaac Wong

Australia has plenty of incredible practitioners who we regularly learn from at educational events and conferences, however, whenever there is a doctor from overseas visiting our shores, we are particularly interested to meet with them and pick their brain on how they do things in other countries. 

This week, Singapore based aesthetic practitioner Dr Isaac Wong visited Sydney for the Cynosure Exchange event, held at Pier One. Dr Isaac Wong is the Founder and Director of The Artisan Clinic on Singapore’s famous Orchard Rd. His special interest is in facial contouring, lifting and rejuvenation with injectables, lasers, and combination therapy. With more than 400 clinics on Orchard Rd, Dr Wong has managed to break through the crowded market and establish himself as a leader in facial rejuvenation. 

Speakers and guests at the Cynosure Exchange event at Pier One

At the Cynosure Exchange event, Dr Isaac told us how he has turned his one-man practice into a multi-million dollar revenue business in just a few years, and why his suite of Cynosure devices has played an important role. From PicoSure Pro, to Potenza, StimSure and EliteIQ – Dr Wong loves treating his patients with a combination of Cynosure modalities, with which he achieves glowing, healthy skin and happy patients that keep coming back. 

Here are 5 lessons we learnt from Dr Isaac Wong:

  1. How Good You Are Is Irrelevant If Nobody Knows How Good You Are

Dr Isaac Wong repeatedly told us about the importance of marketing, especially when trying to grow your business. He advises to spend at least 10-20% of your revenue on marketing to increase visibility on social media. In a market that is saturated with skin clinics, patients will go to practitioners they have seen repeatedly on social media. You have to be good at what you’re doing to retain clients, but what gets them through the door, is advertising. And what does he use in his ads? Patient results and endorsements. Let the advocacy do the work.

2. Combine Laser Therapies With Bioremodelling Injectables To Achieve The Ultimate Glow

While incredible skin rejuvenation results can be achieved with devices like the PicoSure Pro, treating patients with the laser first and adding bioremodelling injectables afterwards takes skin glow to the next level. Dr Wong explained that this is because the skin becomes ‘thirsty’ from a laser treatment and absorbs anything you give it afterwards more efficiently. He regularly treats patients with a combination of laser and injectables.

3. Differentiate Cost Vs Value

At Dr Isaac’s clinic, he doesn’t offer discounts and encourages other practitioners to do the same. When patients tell him they find his prices too high, he asks them “How much is great skin worth to you? What is the value of someone complimenting your skin, and the confidence it gives you?” By turning it around and making patients understand the value behind the cost, he separates the serious clients from those who just shop around for a bargain. He also urges every practitioner to not be afraid to value their work highly, as medical expertise should not be discounted.

4. Stay At The Forefront Of Technology

Dr Isaac Wong has been working with Cynosure devices for many years as they “keep pushing the envelope, always assuring the best results for my patients,” he says. Further, he mentioned the great advantage of working with a company that invests in marketing, especially with celebrities. He explained that when Kim Kardashian got a Potenza treatment a few years ago, the treatment sold itself afterwards. “Cynosure regularly work with celebrities as ambassadors for their treatments, which increases consumer trust in these treatments,” he says. The workhorse of his clinic is the PicoSure Pro, a device he recommends for anyone looking to purchase their first laser as it has a myriad of treatment options. 

5. A Successful Business Is Scalable

If your patient enquiries increase, but you don’t have the staff, space, or resources to treat them, what’s the point? Make sure you have a plan in place to grow your business without working more yourself, as this in not a long-term solution. Dr Wong invests a lot of time and money into finding the best practitioners to join his team so that he can confidently recommend other practitioners to his patients when he becomes too busy. Having standardised procedures in place and offering treatments that can be performed by more than one practitioner at your clinic helps the scalability of it.

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