‘Man-Overs’ Are On the Rise

It’s a sensitive topic and probably something most men would not be willing to admit, but studies show that up to 60% of men are unsatisfied with the size or appearance of their penis.

Now that summer is in full swing in Australia and budgie smugglers are many men’s weekend uniform, the area ‘down under’ is a hot topic in clinics offering penile growth procedures. Dr Oates from Calibre Clinic sees an 80% upsurge in requests for ‘man-overs’ including his non-surgical Calibre procedure to increase phallic girth in November and December, in readiness for January holidays.

Just like many women are looking to enhance their body shape or breast size to get bikini ready, male patients seem to pay more attention to their ‘package’ during beach season.

“Attitudes to cosmetic enhancement have shifted,” Dr Oates observes. “Like women, bigger is often seen as better when it comes to filling out bathers, whether bikini or budgie smugglers so it’s unsurprising that among the most requested by men for summer is the ‘Calibre’ procedure, or non-surgical phallic enhancement using dermal fillers.”

Medical Director and Principle Surgeon at CALIBRE Clinic, Dr Jayson Oates

The apparently painless non-surgical procedure involves the injection of dermal filler just below the penile skin. A 15ml package will often increase flaccid circumference by 1 inch, which results in around 0.5 to 0.7 inches when erect.

After a detailed and discreet consultation, numbing gel is applied before treatment and results are noticeable immediately. As it is non-surgical, there’s little down time for a big upswing of warm weather confidence.

‘Our clients have reported a significant, positive impact on their overall confidence level. A little extra goes a long way in the self-esteem department’, says Dr Oates.

The augmentation lasts between 18 months to three years and CALIBRE Clinic is currently trialling longer-lasting dermal fillers, potentially lasting up to 4 years.

The facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon has performed over 150 Calibre procedures on men as young as 22 to men in their 60s, and with cosmetic procedures becoming less of a taboo topic, numbers are expected to rise.

“Our patients are of all ages, background and personal circumstances. We have been surprised by how many men are interested in non-surgical penile augmentation options”, says Dr Oates.

As with every medical procedure, Dr Oates stresses the importance of seeing a qualified and certified doctor for penile injections.