ASAPS & ASCD Publish COVID Vaccine And Injecting Guide

This is what Cosmetic Injectors need to know before treating patients that are getting the COVID jab.

ASAPS and ASCD have released their official guide on treating injectable patients in times of the COVID vaccine rollout. After some reports of overseas filler patients who experienced swelling in the treated areas after getting the COVID jab, injectors are advised to avoid dermal filler treatments at least two weeks prior and post COVID vaccination.

See an abstract of the guide below or download the full guide here.


In February 2021, ASAPS advised it members about elective surgery and COVID vaccination. ASAPS’ advice was based on recommendations of best practice guidelines from the UK Royal Colleges of Surgeons and the Mayo Clinic, USA and recommended that:

An elective Cosmetic Surgery procedure is not a contraindication to routine COVID vaccination.

It is recommended that the date of surgery is separated from the date of vaccination by at least 1 week to avoid clinical confusion.


  1. The risk profile with respect to timing procedures in patients undergoing Covid-19 vaccinations may vary
    between BTX, Dermal Fillers, and Laser and Energy-Based Devices.
  2. The risk for BTX and Laser and Energy-Based Devices is low and there is not enough evidence to
    support a recommendation to change practice.
  3. We recommend that you exercise caution and defer treatment if symptoms develop after vaccination.
  4. Tissue Fillers, on the other hand, appear to have a small risk profile.
  5. For tissue filler injections, we would recommend an interval of at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after
    COVID vaccination.
  6. Previous treatment with fillers is not a contraindication to being vaccinated.


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