SSKIN Co-Founders Amy And Emilee Hembrow Announced As Keynote Speakers At BEAUTY&SPA Insiders

We caught up with the dynamic duo, who have a passion for holistic beauty, to find out their key findings in entrepreneurship within the beauty & aesthetics industry.

Founders of the exclusive ‘SSKIN’ clinic Amy and Emilee Hembrow embarked on their journey in the beauty industry without any prior hands-on experience, driven by a vision to establish a skin clinic that offered an unparalleled experience to its customers. Their passion for beauty and business expertise fueled their determination to create a space on the Gold Coast in Bundall (and now a second location in Robina) that they could wholeheartedly endorse to their loved ones. With a deep understanding of their customers and a commitment to providing exceptional care, they confidently brought their vision to life.

As they ventured into their own business, Amy and Emilee held three essential pieces of advice close to heart: understanding their customers inside and out, delivering true value, and investing in their staff and company culture. These elements proved to be interdependent and crucial for the success of SSKIN clinic. As the business landscape presented its challenges, they learned the importance of adaptability and flexibility, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this experience, they were able to modify their strategies and explore alternative revenue streams, navigating the unique dynamics of the services industry.

Watch Amy and Emilee Hembrow share their business secrets at BSI this year

Now, as keynote speakers at BEAUTY&SPA Insiders, Amy and Emilee are excited to be selected to share their journey with like-minded individuals in the beauty industry. They believe in the importance of supporting and uplifting others, as they themselves have been fortunate to work alongside mentors and industry leaders who have guided them. Their upcoming keynote offers a platform to pay it forward, sharing their knowledge and empowering others on their path in the industry they are so passionately enamored by.

Here’s what Amy & Emilee are looking forward to for BEAUTY&SPA Insiders, we caught up with them to find out.

What led to the idea of both starting a skin clinic, especially for not having prior hands-on experience within the industry?

We had a vision to establish a space that catered to ourselves as the consumer. A space that prioritised the complete experience, starting from the warm welcome you receive to the exceptional aftercare you deserve. Honestly, we couldn’t find a single place on the Gold Coast that we could wholeheartedly endorse to our loved ones.

Combining our passion for beauty with our business expertise, we were confident in our ability to develop a brand and a well-crafted business plan. Drawing from our deep understanding of the customer and the experience we aspired to deliver, we knew we could bring our vision to life.

Share with us your top piece of advice for those venturing out on their own, and opening their own clinic or practice.

We keep three key pieces of advice in mind: understanding our customers inside and out, providing value, and investing in our staff and company culture. These elements are interdependent and crucial for success. Additionally, we learned the importance of being adaptable and flexible in response to changing circumstances. Early in our business venture, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to implement contingency plans. We had to modify our business strategies and explore alternative revenue streams to sustain the business during lockdowns. This experience taught us that the services industry operates differently from the e-commerce industry we were previously familiar with.

Tell us what you’re excited about with your upcoming keynote at BEAUTY&SPA Insiders?

We are thrilled to be selected as Keynote speakers at BEAUTY&SPA Insiders and are excited at the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. The beauty industry encompasses a community of inspiring individuals, and we are genuinely enamoured by the empowering atmosphere it fosters. Emilee and I have been fortunate to work alongside mentors and industry leaders who have guided us. Now, we are excited to pay it forward and share our knowledge whenever the opportunity arises, as we believe in the importance of supporting and uplifting others in the industry.

Get your tickets to BEAUTY&SPA Insiders now, Early Bird closes July 31!

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