Investing In Cosmetic Nurses’ Education

Juv’ae has been putting education first at their annual conferences.

From 21-23 March in Sydney, 70 Cosmetic Nurses came together for the 10th Annual Juv’ae Conference.

Nicole Schmid-Sanele, Director of Nursing at Juv’ae, said this invaluable, face-to-face learning experience brings together the Juv’ae network of Cosmetic Nurses.

“At our annual conference, our nurses receive three days of intensive education to help enhance and fine-tune their clinical knowledge and skills.

“We pride ourselves on putting on this event for our nurses and know that they benefit immensely by what they learn from the guest speakers, but also from the opportunity to network amongst their colleagues.

Ju’vae Founders Nicole Schmid-Sanele and Melissa Isaia

“As a Juv’ae Cosmetic Nurse, our team is supportive of each other. They trust and lean on each other for advice and guidance. Although it might sound cliché, we are one big family, invested in each other’s wins and there to support each other through the challenges,” Ms Schmid-Sanele said.

At this year’s Juv’ae Annual Conference, special guest speakers were Dr Cara McDonald, Professor Greg Goodman, and Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Steven Liew. As part of the program, the guest speakers covered the latest treatments and their insider tips to achieving consistently good results for patients, as well as dealing with adverse reactions and managing serious complications.

Melissa Isaia, Director of Business Development, opened the conference acknowledging the room full of entrepreneurs, who she was honoured had taken the time out of their businesses to come together to be inspired, to grow and succeed in the business of injectable cosmetic treatments.

The team at the conference’s dinner

 “From a business perspective, our conference provided a wonderful opportunity to meet many new faces, reflect on what is working and how we can support a growing group of nurses to deliver our high standards in their day-to-day practises.

“As the Director of Business, I am dedicated to ensuring our Cosmetic Nurses have all the marketing and business support they need to a successful career in cosmetic nursing.

“By attending our annual conference, our Cosmetic Nurses had the opportunity to share what the technology and business tools they find helps to run and grow their cosmetic injectables practices.

“As a Juv’ae nurse, we help you identify what it is that makes you uniquely you as a cosmetic injector and how you can use this to run a successful cosmetic injecting business,” Ms Isaia said.


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