Getting The Most Out Of Your Client Cards

Have you ever thought about taking the time to jazz up your client cards? In fact, when was the last time you updated your template? If you’re still rocking the same client consultation card you downloaded from the internet years ago, you may want to consider giving it a facelift (pun intended!) and aligning it with the modern age.

In fact, your client consults present you with a prime opportunity to add some personality and colour to the traditionally boring process, and will also allow you to customise your treatments in small but impactful ways. So alongside your regular health, safety and contraindication questions, have a think about introducing some of the following:

Talking Preferences
It’s not unheard of for clients to never return if subjected to a particularly talkative therapist, simply because they weren’t in the mood to chat. Take the opportunity to ask on their client card how much talking they prefer to do during their treatment – regularly, moderately, little or not at all.

Plenty of clients are quite fussy when it comes to fragrances they like. Particularly if you will be utilising essential oils during treatment or burning candles throughout the room, treat your clients to some added bliss by sticking to their preferred smells. When asking this on client forms, request that they specify their preferred scents – either fresh, woody, sweet, floral, citrus or spicy.

Current Mood
Again, this will of course be essential to know if utilising aromatherapy, but additionally, this information will be highly useful simply in how you approach your client, how you address them, the tone and volume of your voice, etc. Ask your clients how they’re feeling both emotionally and physically – sleepy, stressed, happy, exhausted, sad, drained. You may play an integral role in lifting their spirits, and leave a lasting impression on a grateful client.

Post-Treatment Plans
Everyone has a flat-out schedule nowadays, and there is a good chance that your client has somewhere to be after their appointment. This question can establish some major rapport with busy clients, who won’t want to have messy hair or oily hands or feet on their way out. Check in with them regarding any post-treatment plans, and how presentable they need to be when they leave.

Social Media
This is a very important section if you plan on sharing images of clients, as you want to ensure you have their permission first, and avoid any scenarios of complaint later. Leave a space on your consults for clients to (optionally) leave their social media handle/s. This will also allow you to engage with them on their own platforms, and repost any selfies after they’ve seen you – make sure you provide a tick-box for re-sharing their content!

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