Create A Comprehensive Client Consultation With These 6 Tips 

Kitomba’s Isabella Castle tells us what makes and breaks the first encounter with your client.

Creating a memorable client experience starts with a great consultation. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship, share your expertise, understand your client’s expectations and communicate how you’ll fulfill them. 

We’ve gathered the six best tips to help you deliver a comprehensive client consultation every time a client walks through the door: 

  1. Create a great first impression

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Start with a warm welcome, and make your client feel comfortable by asking questions that will help you get to know them. Then, watch your body language. Get on the same level as them by sitting down, and try to be face to face instead of side by side if possible. This can help your client feel like you’re really listening. 

Lastly, take the time to really understand what they want by repeating things back to them if you’re unclear, and remember to take notes of important details in their client card when necessary. 

  1. Questions, questions, questions

The more questions you ask, the better you’ll understand your client’s expectations and needs. Start with the client’s history, what they like and dislike, and what they want to achieve. You could ask about their previous experiences, what they thought of them, and why they came to you. Then ask them about their lifestyle, for example how much spare time they have and what kind of budget they would like to stick to.

Taking the time to understand everything you can about your client makes them feel understood, ensures you deliver exactly what they want, and helps to build a relationship. This in turn makes them more likely to come back to you in the future. 

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Photos are an easy way to understand exactly what your client wants and to record their progress and results. If your salon software allows your clients to upload photos when they book online, make sure to review what they’ve submitted so you can get an idea of what they’re wanting well before they arrive.

It’s also easy to track your client’s progress by taking before and after shots. After you take the photos, add them to their client card using your salon software so you’ll easily be able to find them in the future. 

  1. Keep client records up to date

Take note of everything you learn about your clients, so you have a thorough understanding of them and a well documented history of your consultations. Reduce admin when you record information about your clients by using your salon software. Add notes to their client card during or after their appointment, or let them add the information themselves by handing them a digital form. Your salon software should automatically populate their client card, so you don’t have to waste time typing everything in later! 

Keeping note of your client information, their preferences, and any other notes, will ensure you’re well placed to give them a great client experience every time they visit you! 

  1. Manage your clients expectations

Clients can sometimes come in with expectations that might not be realistic, or not achievable in a single appointment. The consultation is an opportunity for you to manage their expectations and give them expert advice. Confidently communicate everything the client needs to know, so there are no surprises at the end and they walk out with exactly what you discussed.

  1. Create a consultation guide for your team

Consistently great client consultations will ensure every client feels well looked after and happy with their experience. The best way to make sure every consultation is conducted at a high level is to train your staff on how you’d like them to conduct their consultations, and document that training into a guide that they can refer back to. Include how to make clients feel welcome, the types of questions to ask, and best practices for recording this information. 

Using your client consultation to get to know your client, their expectations, and their likes and dislikes, means you’ll be able to give them an amazing client experience that is hard to find anywhere else. So give our tips a try, and see how your client consultations improve!

Isabella Castle is part of the Marketing Team at Kitomba Salon & Spa Software.

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