All New Mag! Retailing FACE+BODY+SOUL

The latest issue of SPA+CLINIC has either arrived in your letterbox or will be there any time soon.

With this issue you also receive our first bonus Retailing: FACE+BODY+SOUL “magette”, to help you do even better business.

Effectively retailing the products you use in-treatment on your clients, and the opportunity to further interest them in inventory such as makeup (eg. by offering complimentary quick makeovers after facial treatments), could dramatically boost your profits.

Yet too few salon, spas and clinics in Australia do this – or are even aware of the opportunities they are missing out on.

Business pundits say retailing should account for 40-50 percent of a salon, spa or clinic’s bottom line but in reality the average is less than 10 percent.

Find out from the experts how you can think more laterally in 2016. How to create attractive retailing spaces (they don’t have to be huge) within your business, ways to coach staff (from therapists to receptionists) in the subtle art of selling and incentivise them to do ever-better, and broaden your horizons in terms of items to retail.

They don’t just have to be the skincare products, for instance, that you use in-treatment, or the makeup you may apply afterwards.

Think books about healthy eating with delicious recipes, de-stress techniques or fitness; scented candles, bath salts and soaps to recreate the ambience at home, yoga or fitness wear pieces than double as fashionable leisure wear, caftans, teas for every occasion (detox, skin clearing, to relax or revive, to promote better sleep) … you get the drill!

Ensure you receive the must-have resource for aesthetics, medi and wellness professionals; and use the hashtag spaandclinic when it lands in your business.


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