Alpha-H’s New Vision Includes A Relaunch Of Their Prescriptive Range

Alpha-H Prescriptive Range

Australian brand Alpha-A have announced a new vision for their professional product line-up, aptly named The Prescriptive Range.

The Alpha-H brand were one of the first to bring the powers of Liquid Gold aka their popular glycolic acid treatment to the masses and have become known for their active-filled retail range. Now, a new vision for the brand is bringing their professional range to the forefront and a refreshed strategy to work together with clinic partners to deliver on its core mission; to transform skin, build its resilience and safeguard its health and vitality for life.

Along with their new vision also comes the news that distribution and all clinic partners will now be managed in-house and trained by Alpha-H aestheticians. It was formally distributed by BLC. 

Alpha-H’s CCO, Tina Randello, chatted to us about the news.

Why did you decide to refresh the Alpha-H vision and create the Prescriptive Range?

Alpha-H COO, Tina Randello

The professional side of our business is very important to not only our roots of Alpha-H, but also our future. We have invested significantly in the brand over the last 18 months to set up for the next 26 years of our journey. We narrowed our retail range to a core offer of 25 products focusing on what we do best and what we are famous for- the gold standard in exfoliating acids (or as we like to call them, Accelerating Acids). 

Our Professional range, Alpha-H Prescriptive, has had the same make-over. It’s a specialist acid range with complementary products that prepare or replenish and protect the skin after acid treatments. We see Alpha-H Prescriptive sitting perfectly between existing offerings in a clinic environment, usually a cosmeceutical and natural brand. We are not replicating what already exists, rather offering a specialist acid offer from one of the global acid pioneers. 

We are tapping into the insight that both the consumer and the professional aesthetician no longer wants one brand to be a generalist and try and do everything. We are living in a world of specialisation. Know what you are good at and where your equity lives and focus on that. That’s the main driving force behind our relaunch. 

What’s the inspiration behind the range?

Our inspiration was to create a very targeted specialist range of peels formulated with clinically proven ingredients. A range that can complement and sit between existing ranges rather than trying to remove brands from a clinic’s menu. 

We want to create a very intimate family of clinics in Australia (around 30) with geographic exclusivity and support these amazing businesses to thrive and benefit from Alpha-H’s scale and popularity in Australia. We want to make life easy for salons who we know work so hard both on and in their businesses via a direct relationship with Alpha-H, frictionless ordering process and dedicated training resources. Ultimately, we see our salon partners as an extension of our brand and want to use our platform to profile their work and their businesses.

What makes the new prescriptive range unique?

Firstly, we are experts in the use of accelerating acids, built on 25 years of heritage and award-winning results. Our formulas combine the optimal concentration of accelerating acids with antioxidant-rich Australian botanicals in powerful delivery systems.

We are made in Australia and Australian proud. We give back through sustainable initiatives and collaborations with our manufacturing partners, including indigenous growers of native botanical ingredients featured in our formulas. We are beyond clean, free from harmful ingredients, animal testing, unsustainable practices, baseless claims and judgement. For us, clean is more than a restrictive list. It’s a way of life. 

We are a brand founded by women, led by over 70% women and are here in support of change for women in our community through our existing philanthropic program, which focuses on disrupting the status quo and grassroots initiatives. We are here to partner with our clinic owners to help support their businesses thrive alongside us.

How are you choosing the clinics to partner with and what is your training process like?

Over the last 18 months we have tightened our retail distribution to focus only on core strategic customers that are aligned with our strategy and now we are replicating this with our professional range and partners. The Professional relaunch is not about scale, it’s about curating a small collection of partners that can be an extension of our in-house Alpha-H team.  

We have a dedicated team to focus on the professional side of our business to ensure it flourishes.


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