Conceal While You Heal


Until results kick in, some facial rejuvenation procedures can leave the skin extremely vulnerable, to such factors as inflammation, infection and sun sensitivity.

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All of these things can prolong healing times or compromise results. Indeed, if the damage caused is significant, a client may find their skin is worse off than before.

What they use on their face in the immediate aftermath of say, laser, peels, micro-needling or injectables, and in the days while the skin is healing, is crucial. Not just the skincare they use, but the makeup applied to cover telltale signs of treatments, like redness and bruising.

Although the ideal would be for clients to leave bare faced after procedures that have penetrated the skin’s surface, the reality is most people are too self-conscious to be seen “naked”, especially if they are resuming normal activities straight after.

Using the wrong kinds of camouflage products or applying them without scrupulous attention to hygiene can wreak havoc.

Therefore it’s important you recommend to clients cover-up formulations that are designed specifically for the purpose, and the dos and don’ts of application. It could save them – and you – some very unwelcome backlash.

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“After these types of treatments, the skin can appear red, and feel tight, dry and sensitive, so it is best to use products with ingredients that are safely formulated to be suitable for dry/ sensitive or post-surgical skins,” says Gold Coast cosmetic physician Dr Aaron Atia, co-founder of Skin O2 skincare and mineral makeup.

“Patients, where possible, do prefer to leave the clinic looking lightly `touched-up’ rather than red-faced and bruised,” he says.

“Side effects after these types of treatments can last for a couple of days so patients should be armed with the full knowledge on how to care for and protect their skin during this period.

“All staff must be adequately trained and educated for a guarantee they can provide their clients with the highest standard of care. We need to empower our patients/clients to look after their safety, comfort and to make sure they achieve the best possible outcome and long-term results.”


SPA+CLINIC talks to other experts whose brands offer concealing while healing – and making skin look fabulous to boot:


“For a complete and even coverage of foundation to be applied in minimal time after a treatment, any of jane iredale foundations are suitable,” says jane iredale Australia Brand Expert and Educator Martina Williams.

“However Pure Pressed Base or Amazing Base mineral foundations are the go-to products for a quick post-treatment application.

“Unlike some other mineral brands that require a lot of effort with application, such as buffing into the skin, jane iredale minerals adhere effortlessly to the skin so you don’t have to be a skilled makeup artist to apply them.

jane iredale Amazing Base mineral foundation

“The technique is simple, but an essential part of well-applied make up is using the correct brush; each of our powders has a recommended tool.

“The application process is to pick up the minerals with your brush press onto the skin and brush in a downward motion.

“The need for excess amounts of product is unnecessary as a small amount of mineral powder is required for complete coverage. The best part is that it will feel as though you aren’t wearing anything.

“When it comes to concealing all of our concealers are safe to apply post-treatment. They are non-comedogenic and actually contain ingredients that help to calm and soothe erythema [redness] and help to accelerate the skin’s healing process.

jane iredale Circle Delete

“When choosing a concealer you must first determine what the main concern is: For dark circles or pigmentation, Circle Delete and Enlighten Concealers provide excellent full coverage with just minimal amount of product.

“For more oily or acne skin types, Disappear and Zap & Hide Concealers provide medium to full coverage with a matte finish along with soothing and antibacterial ingredients for such skin types.

“Active Light under-eye concealer and facial highlighter applies beautifully over the top of foundation; its formula refracts light for a soft-focus finish on the skin and provides a sheer to medium coverage for under-eye shadows. Active Light conceals while it brightens.

“Use the Camouflage Brush to apply any of the jane iredale concealers to the main part of the distraction, then take a natural fibred brush such as the Crease Brush to blend and feather the edges for a seamless finish.”


Cher Donald, founder of Australian mineral makeup brand Alluring Minerals, says her compact and loose mineral powders designed for sensitive skin are ideal also for healing skin as they are lightweight, non-comedogenic and contain no ingredients known to cause irritation.

“You can even apply them after a light peel or microdermabrasion,” Cher says. “They will not only cover the redness, but the titanium dioxide and zinc oxides are anti-inflammatory, which can help to calm the irritation and allow skin to breathe.

“As well as offering SPF15+ sun protection, our mineral makeup is water resistant, perfect for women with active and outdoor lifestyles.

“Where possible we select certified organic, Australian produced ingredients.”


Prepping the skin for the big cover-up is a vitally important step, using products that soothe and protect.

For instance, developed by plastic surgeons for post procedures, I RESCUE Post Treatment Recovery Balm from Image Skincare is a multi-functional restorative complex post-treatment recovery balm with organic ingredients that support regenerative processes of the skin after treatments such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

“It also helps to reduce the skins transepidermal water loss, discomfort, redness and discomfort, redness and irritation with plant-derived botanicals and antioxidants,” says Dawn Clifford, Senior Director of Education at Image Skincare.

“As soon as you apply this product to your skin after an advanced treatment you will immediately feel a soothing relief.”

Dawn further recommends I BEAUTY I Conceal Flawless Foundation for the camouflage factor.

It is an all-in-one illuminating, lightweight and water-resistant foundation that heals and conceals while contributing to a healthier complexion with every day.

The foundation has oxygenating properties to increase cellular respiration and wound healing and provides full sun protection, while nourishing the skin with soothing botanicals and anti-ageing plant stem cell extracts and peptides.



Lycogel Breathable Camouflage was originally developed to be used by doctors immediately after most cosmetic procedures to camouflage the signs of their intervention and promote a quick and comfortable recovery.

But since then, the benefits of the unique formula have been found suitable for use as an everyday, skin-improving makeup.

A unique triple silica gel technology forms the unique “breathable” matrix contained in Lycogel’s colour corrective products.

It is combined with Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD) to increase oxygen uptake to help more quickly eliminate redness, swelling, and irritation associated with post-procedural and problem or sensitive skin.

It rejuvenates and camouflage at the same time and provides physical SPF30 sun protection.

The product should be left on overnight after the first application to enhance recovery time.

Lycogel, distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or acneic skin who are unable to tolerate traditional makeup.

It offers soothing and non-irritating relief while leaving the skin looking flawless.

It is safe to use immediately after fractional laser skin resurfacing, laser, skin peels, PDT and IPL, cosmetic surgery, tattoo removal and vascular treatments, cosmetic injections, chemical peels and micro-needling therapy.



Standard hygienic practices should always be scrupulously followed when applying makeup and/or concealer after a treatment that disrupts the surface of the skin. For instance, a client should:

  • Never share makeup or skincare applicators
  • Use their own products
  • Always keep post-surgical makeup and tools sanitary
  • Ideally use a disposable applicator, such as a cotton bud, to scoop produce from original containers
  • Place applicators on a sanitised tray or palette to work with rather than from the container so as to avoid cross contamination.
  • Avoid touching their face with their fingers – use disposable gloves if possible
  • Avoid natural or home-made products without any clinically proven and safe antibacterial preservatives or clinical testing, as this can be very hazardous for post-surgical skin
  • Be just as scrupulous about makeup removal. For makeup like mineral powders, remove the top layer with a cotton ball and invest in a sanitising product consisting of 70 percent alcohol or greater for the above purpose – it helps remove bacteria and also keeps product looking new.

By Jenni Gilbert

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