Why Your Spa Should Be Creating An At-Home Wellness Box

A simple way to make your retail offering more interesting.

We don’t usually push DIY beauty therapy. We like to leave the treatments up to you, the professionals. And while that still stands, desperate times call for desperate measures, and 2020 sure is desperate times.

Beauty subscription boxes are growing in popularity, and it makes sense. Consumers don’t have time to research the next big thing or spend hours in shopping centres looking for it. However, this doesn’t negate their desire to be on the pulse of trends and to keep their body and mind looking and feeling their best.

Co-founder of ‘tis the Liz Hoyle says their subscription boxes take the hard work out of finding beautiful, on-trend products. Each season, they curate a selection of must-have health, beauty and lifestyle products delivered right to consumers’ doors. The first ‘tis the subscription box sold out within a month of its launch and Hoyle believes it was a combination of things leading to the sell-out success.

“The Australian consumer is very sophisticated and knowledgeable about products which are trending and which they recognise in ‘tis the box. They also absolutely know good value when they see it,” Hoyle said.

‘tis the researchers spend their days scouting the globe for the latest products to include in their seasonal boxes. Shoppers get to personalise their box by choosing between a selection of products on top of the curated range.

“We try to get the balance just right between health, beauty and lifestyle. We also take into account how we all feel as we leave one season and enter another. Our Spring box, for example, is very much about new beginnings – rejuvenating our skin, putting on a fresh face, shedding that winter skin feeling and drinking a yummy, healthy smoothie,” she explains.

Hoyle says Australians are taking more time for themselves and investing in their daily routine, whether it be skin, fitness or well-being. With many clinics currently closed or working at a reduced capacity, ‘spa boxes’ are a fantastic way to remain connected with clients and bring some relaxation into the comfort of their home. Curating a range of at-home treatments along with some guided application can help their skin fair the extended time apart from their beloved therapist and keeps you front of mind when things return to normal.

Do you offer wellness boxes at your spa or clinic? Let us know in the comments.

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