Which Cryotherapy Treatment Is Right For Your Spa Or Clinic?

Cryotherapy is currently having a moment — here’s how you can tap into the market.

Although not a new treatment, cryotherapy is currently a favourite among beauty buffs and wellness gurus alike. The market was valued at $213 million in 2020 and is now projected to reach $392 million by 2030. With benefits ranging from anti-ageing to mental wellness and pain-relief, a cryotherapy addition is the perfect way to round out your treatment offerings.

Thinking of adding a cryo treatment to your spa? We’ve done the research and compiled all the need-to-know info on four of the most sought-after cryotherapy treatments to inspire a new addition (or two) to your treatment menu. Behold, your guide to choosing the right cryotherapy treatment for your spa.

Whole-body cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has many benefits, from boosting collagen and relieving muscle pain to improving sleep, boosting immunity and elevating one’s mood — it’s the ultimate wellness treatment. For those looking to add a whole-body experience to their spa or clinic, a full cryotherapy machine is the best option. These upright machines take up less room than an infrared sauna and are easily installed. Each session lasts for 2–3 minutes so it’s a great opportunity for those looking to offer extra add-ons and package deals within their spa.

Liz Hayes, founder of Mittagong-based clinic Revitalize Cryo, says that package treatments are the way to go. “Our most popular treatments are combo treatments:  Fire & Ice, which is an infrared sauna session and Whole Body Cryo (WBC) session, and Ultimate Revitalize, which is Fire & Ice plus a CryoFacial.”

Spot Cryo Treatments

Localised cryotherapy is a great option for wellness-focused businesses looking to add healing treatments for the whole body. Spot treatments can be done on areas such as the knees, shoulders and back to relieve tension and pain, promote healing, treat wounds and swelling, and rejuvenate the skin. Spot cryo is a great non-invasive alternative for cellulite reduction in as little as 3 minutes.


“Simply put, a CryoFacial generally refers to a professional treatment in which a technician blows a colder-than-ice stream of air all over the face and neck, in the name of youth and beauty,” Hayes explains. The process uses a -93 to -150 degrees celsius breeze in the form of vaporised liquid nitrogen that lasts for 6–8 minutes, with the air constantly moving over the skin so as not to blast any one spot. CryoFacial can help reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, boost collagen production and flush toxins from the skin.

And the results speak for themselves. “After one professional treatment, results are pretty immediate and may even peak over the course of a couple of days, tapering out at the one-week mark or so,” says Hayes. “To see longer-lasting benefits, clients have to keep up with regular treatments for at least a few months.”

Cryo Body Contouring

As a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, CryoSlim is exactly what it sounds like – a fat-freezing treatment that yields visible results after just one session. This innovative treatment is conducted through three phases, each with its own positive effect for fat loss. Full results occur around 4–6 weeks after the first session, with final results visible at 12 weeks.

So what’s the difference between CoolSculpting and CryoSlim? Well, although similar in theory, CryoSlim offers a quicker, more efficient way to burn fat and is more customisable with two settings — one to tone and one to destroy fat cells.

Of course, there are other cryotherapy based body contouring devices out there, so make sure to do your research and compare before you commit.

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