What Are Anti-Pollution Treatments And Why Are They So Popular?

We speak to the experts in restorative anti-pollution products to find out more about the importance of detoxing the skin.

As consumer awareness of sustainability grows, so too does their awareness for what environmental damage can do to the skin. Anti-pollution skincare grew 6 per cent in 2021 alone, with the market set to see a 7 per cent growth rate over the next 10 years. In fact, this increasing consumer awareness is the top contributor to the projected growth of the anti-pollution skincare market.

Major air pollutants with effects on the skin range from solar UVR to cigarette smoke, and many studies have found that air pollutants may contribute to skin ageing, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, psoriasis, and acne.

A recent review that appeared in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology defined air pollution as “the contamination of outdoor (ambient) and indoor (household) environments by any chemical, physical, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere”. The study also noted that “we must discuss mitigating its negative effects with patients”.

When it comes to in-clinic anti-pollution treatments, education around this issue is just as important as the treatment itself. So we spoke to Skyendor Australia’s CEO Luca Mora and National Sales and Education Manager Kim Thomasson to get the low-down on anti-pollution treatments. Skyendor’s Power Oxygen facial has become a favourite among spa owners and clients to reverse the effect of environmental damage on the skin.

What is the importance of anti-pollution treatments and skincare?

One of our skin’s biggest enemies is contamination from pollutants accumulated over time and lack of oxygen, which damages cells and weakens their ability to detoxify, regenerate and preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. Prolonged and repetitive exposure to high levels of contamination can exceed the skin’s defensive capacities, damaging it and undermining the tissue’s capacity to detoxify and regenerate itself. At the same time, a deficit of oxygen in the skin (hypoxic stress) occurs. Oxygen is an essential element for the cells to be able to produce the energy they need to guarantee their vitality.

 Why is it so important to “detox” the skin?

Skin at the mercy of the damaging environment results in dehydration and wrinkles and a less-than-perfect tone.  In addition to creating toxins, this can contribute to dark spots, skin roughness, redness, irritation and dullness. 

One of the most harmful atmospheric pollutants for your health, and also for your skin, are PM 2.5 particles in suspension. Produced mainly by human activity, they have a size of less than 2.5 microns, up to 20 times smaller than the size of a pore. Detoxifying the skin is essential to combat the damaging effects of pollution.

Can you please walk us through the steps of your Skeyndor Power Oxygen facial?

A Power Oxygen facial is designed to provide oxygen to the skin and to create a barrier/protective effect against environmental pollution. A combination of oxygenating, antipollution, antioxidant, detoxifying and prebiotic active agents, for a more intense global purifying and protective effect.

We start preparing the skin with a 4-step cleansing process. Skeyndor’s newly-launched Expert Cleanse Pro range is especially designed to detoxify and repair the skin surface.

Micellar Biphasic (eye make up remover)
Professional make up remover for eyes and lips. Removes all make up applied, including waterproof, simply and very gently thanks to vegetable micellar oils. This gentle micellar oil contains moisturiser and active agents that counter environmental damage.

Step 1. Urban Micellar oil for (Surface action, first cleanse)
Cleanses the surface of the skin by using dirt-trapping micelles gently and effectively removing make-up, dirt and pollution that accumulates, while respecting the natural skin composition.

Step 2. Expert Cleanse Pro Rich Foam in Milk or Mattifying Foam-in Gel (deep action, second cleanse)
Deeply cleanses without drying out or damaging the skin. The strong cleansing power removes dirt, impurities and excess oil that becomes encrusted in the skin’s pores, as well as rebalancing the skin’s flora with its probiotic action.

Step 3. Renewing Acid Peel Gel or Renewing Enzymatic Peel Gel to remove surface dead cells to aid product penetration.

Step 4. Rebalancing Hydracomfort Mist completes the cleansing. Hydrates, remineralises and strengthens the skin’s microflora thanks to its superfood content.

Our signature facial then continues with a 5-step product application.

  1. Pre O2 Massage Gel: Re-mineralising, activating massage gel perfect for preparing the skin in oxygenating treatments.
  2. Pure O2 Spray: Intensely vivifying spray with pure oxygen and an oxygen-trapping molecule.
  3. Post O2 Concentrate: Promotes skin oxygenation by activating its capacity to adapt to hypoxic stress and stimulating oxygen transport.
  4. Detox Mask: Veil mask impregnated with minerals, which helps to detoxify the skin and protect it from oxygen-free radicals (ROS).
  5. Pro Defence Cream: A final application, antipollution cream for the face and neck, which combines a prebiotic promoter of the skin flora with a film-forming protector against environmental pollution.

Have you seen an increase in demand for anti-pollution treatments recently?

Yes, more than ever! Our clients are educated due to the digital world which makes them aware of the increase in pollution and the damaging effects on the skin, particularly those clients living an urban lifestyle in high pollution areas. Consumers understand the ageing effect of pollution and are seeking products and treatments which can detoxify and combat these effects.

What do you recommend to your clients when it comes to anti-pollution skincare and aftercare for the treatment?

Sunscreen is an obvious must, but for customers looking for next level protection, our take-home Power Oxygen line calls on key protecting actives that fight pollution. One is a filter that cleanses by trapping and eliminating destructive particles and the second works like a force-field around the skin to prevent further damage.

The City Pollution Barrier-Boosting Serum is an ultra-light gel-serum with vibrant booster capsules offering an intense purifying effect, anti-oxidant and protective properties. Micro-spheres strengthen the skin’s defenses and detoxify, while phytonutrients reduce skin stress and even out tone. The serum also blocks further melanin formation, boosts vitality and radiance, and addresses existing marks and discolourations. 

The City Pollution Block Cream + O2 (for normal to dry skins) + the City Pollution Block Gel-Cream + O2 (for combination to oilier skins) enlist a high-tech formulation with an oxygen trapping molecule that transports oxygen deep into the skin tissues to speed up the repair process and rejuvenates. These products also enhance oxygen uptake to the cells and keep them functioning, and keep the skin healthy and balanced. 


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