Want To Offer IV But Don’t Have The Resources?

Have you always wanted to offer IV therapy within your day spa or skin clinic but just don’t have the resources, finances or qualified team members to do so? Well we have news for you – there is a way. Several innovative spas have managed to find a way around the problem by partnering with mobile IV Therapy providers like Drip IV Australia on a casual basis in order to expand their menus with none of the hassle (or investment in equipment) – and it’s a growing trend.

The luxurious Vie Day Spa at Pullman Magenta Shores Resort is one of these, partnering with The IV Lounge. We chatted with Vie Spa Manager Whitney Marsh to find out the perks, and how the collaboration is helping business boom.

What prompted the decision to incorporate IV into your treatment menu?
Vie Spa is part of the Accor Hotels chain located at Pullman Magenta Shores on the Central Coast and we specialise in treatments to rest, relax and restore, from pregnancy massages, de-aging body treatments, specialised facials, manicures and pedicures and all your beauty needs. We recognised the need through listening to the feedback of our guests that there is a market on the Central Coast, in particular the area of The Entrance/ Magenta Shores. Our guests struggled to find an establishment that offered this service close by and away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping centres. Whilst the IV Drip Therapy, Injectables & Shot treatments are not for everyone we felt this was a great addition to our wellness menu and allowed us to expand on our already existing luxury Vie Spa Menu. Using our tranquil surrounds to enjoy the benefits of the vitamins and minerals through drip therapy our luxurious Day Spa & Zen garden is a perfect place to rest, relax and restore.

How did you select a provider?
We had reached out to some reputable providers and the final choice was due to the fact that one of our team members had visited the IV Lounge previously and thought it would be a great addition to complement the Vie Spa at Pullman Magenta Shores Resort’s spa menu. The decision was based on word of mouth, a positive guest experience and knowing there was no other of its kind nearby. This was the main reason for our decision to collaborate with the IV Lounge.

How have you found the process? Do you see many benefits of working with an external provider vs someone within your team?
So far so good, the process of making your booking through Vie Spa is so simple and user friendly. We have a positive working relationship with IV Lounge and are both actively promoting, sharing and endorsing through social media pages, word of mouth and local advertising. If we want it to work, then both businesses need to be on board and have a clear vision of what we are wanting to achieve. Grace from the IV Lounge is such a pleasure to be working alongside and makes this so easy and smooth for us.

What kind of response have you received from clients?
To be honest it has been a complete affirmation for us as it gives us validation that we are on the right path to providing our guests the right experience that they are looking for. It has been so positive and what I continue to see is a wealth of presence and loyalty from our guests, residents, family and friends. People are intrigued, engaged and very interested in the way that the beauty industry is moving toward. Vie Spa has welcomed all feedback and we are launching our second collaboration in August.

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