Raison d’Etre Announces New Sustainability Initiative

RDE team

Raison d’Etre, global leaders in spa and wellness design, has just announced a new sustainability initiative that will integrate an all-encompassing ‘green strategy’ into its future design projects starting in 2020. The brand hopes that this step will further cement the spa consultancy’s position as a leader of eco-friendly practices within the international hotel and wellness industry.

The initiative’s guidelines will ensure that every wellness design project by Raison d’Etre supports sustainability – in every facet of how it is designed and run in its social, cultural and economic environment. The company has the potential to make a significant impact on a global scale with this new approach, having already worked with over 160 spas in more than 70 countries, and has the power to set an example of how spas around the world can overcome their respective regional challenges and adopt more ethical business practices, policies and initiatives of their own.

Raison d’Etre has designed their new green strategy with a focus on four key areas in mind:

  1. The environmental impact of materials and fabrics used in construction and interior design
  2. The quality of air in the region
  3. The quality of water in the region
  4. The quality of light in the region

The company will apply these new green consulting services to projects involving recreational, educational and professional buildings, plus hotels, resorts, residential buildings, spas, clinics and medical facilities.

RDE Managing Director, Anna-Cari Gund

Anna-Cari Gund, Managing Director at Raison d’Etre says of the new environmentally friendly strategies, “Our team is spread across the globe, so we have a finger on the pulse of the international challenges that come with adopting sustainable practices – which we share in our Think Tank Sessions. This knowledge has helped us create considered, ecological standards that will allow us to support developers, contractors and owners in incorporating sustainable practices into their businesses.”

If you’re looking to adopt more eco-friendly and sustainable practices within your own business, be sure to read our sustainability feature in our November print edition. We wish you luck on your clean, green journey!

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