Post-Lockdown Wellness Trends Revealed For Spas And Clinics

Three post-lockdown insights you need to know.

It’s undeniable that 2020 has been a year of change. And while there are some things we will happily say goodbye to when the time is right (social distancing, we are looking at you), there are a few that are harder to shake.

This might be the freedom that comes with wearing elasticated pants 24/7 or the flexibility of working from home. Regardless, recent studies are showing the habits we developed during lockdown may permanently change how we live. These changes are also going to affect how you run your spa or clinic.

Australian fitness and wellness app Mindbody released new research on the nation’s fitness and wellness behaviours and even predicted the habits that will continue post-COVID. We have broken these down to help your spa and clinic adapt to suit your client’s new needs.

Insight 1 – People continued to exercise during lockdown

While it was very tempting to watch Netflix and drink copious amounts of whipped coffee all day, Australians remained active throughout lockdown. The study found that 76 per cent were working out at least three times a week, and 15 per cent were working out daily or more. This trend shows that people are still focused on wellness, whether it was engaging in exercise to look good or feel better.

As a spa or clinic, you can supplement this trend through your treatment menu and retail offerings. It may be introducing products that complement their fitness goals, such as beauty supplements or tightening creams or offering treatments that are geared towards muscle recovery and relaxation.

Insight 2 – However, most people lost their motivation to exercise

Conversely, the study also showed that almost half (45 per cent) of the Australian population engaged in fitness less frequently. This statistic suggests a lot of the fitness progress made pre-lockdown could be lost. Now would be an excellent opportunity to highlight any body sculpting treatments you offer to help your clients gain back muscle definition or to tone the body generally. With over 58 per cent of respondents attributing lack of motivation for their lack of exercise, a treatment might be what is needed to get them feeling their best again.

Insight 3 – Video is king

Finally, 56 per cent of people utilised live-streamed or pre-recorded workouts from the comfort of their home, and anticipate to continue this routine at least once a week (51 per cent). Yoga (32 per cent), pilates (21 per cent) and HIIT (14 per cent) classes came out on top when assessing the popularity of virtual offerings.

Does your spa offer yoga or guided meditation classes? You may have moved these online once lockdown hit and it would be good to continue this practice after it concludes. Your clients could benefit from accessing your knowledge around the clock.

Are there any lockdown habits that stuck among your clients? Let us know in the comments.

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