Good Vibrations! This Is Crystal Infused Skincare

Alicia Pasfield is tapping into the arguably mysterious world of crystals and gemstones with her range of New Zealand glacial clay infused treatment masks. Here, she tells her story…

Before I launched RARE by LIVKIN, I worked with luxury fashion, travel, health and wellness brands. I was managing a 3,000 member club when I found my health becoming compromised by the long working days and hours.

I decided it was time for me to build my own business that would allow me flexibility and the healthy lifestyle I always wanted, whilst also giving me space to continue to pursue my passion in the health and wellness field. This is when the idea behind RARE by LIVKIN was born.

For the past four years I have diligently researched and developed my ideas in the beauty/cosmetics industry. It took a lot of planning, and when I started to explore the beauty industry for ideas, I found my passion was in skincare and wellness. This catapulted me further studying naturopathy, organic skincare, crystal healing and energetic medicine.

I have always had an interest in gemstones and crystals – they mesmerised me as a girl and still do to this day. So it was only natural for me to follow this path and include them in my daily rituals and in RARE products. When I started to research energetic medicine and the profile of gemstones and crystals in terms of their healing powers, I felt so much more connected to my passion and realised this was the right journey for me.

I felt compelled to share the benefits that gemstones offer with others so they too can experience the possibilities created by incorporating energetic beauty into their lifestyles.

The name ‘LIVKIN’ is short for ‘living skin’. The brand RARE came about by chance during the development phase of another brand under the LIVKIN group. During my research I came across the newly discovered New Zealand glacial clay. I was extremely impressed with the mineral content and properties of the clay and thought it would be a perfect complement to the gemstones, minerals and Australian super extracts formulated for our products.

Healing Energy

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, including you and I. The precious minerals and gemstones in our luxurious masks have their own vibrations that help stabilise and bring balance and restoration to the disharmony in your energy field (aura), thus allowing your skin to heal energetically and also therapeutically.

Gemstones have their own unchanging vibrations, each offering unique healing energy that works with your body’s chemistry to restore your body to its highest potential. RARE by LIVKIN’s unique formulas naturally increase cellular productivity, performance, repair and micro-circulation enhancing the delivery of bioactive ingredients into the skin.

New Zealand Glacial Clay is at the core of my products. It’s mineral-rich, 100% natural glacial clay created through the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice over three million years ago. The clay has a naturally high negative chemical charge that creates an electrical attraction to bind to the positive charged toxic matter within the skin. That bond effectively removes and absorbs impurities, toxins, dead skin cells and bacteria and penetrates the pores for deep detoxification.

Science Matters

Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of gemstones and crystals, so to everyone who’s skeptical, I advise them to do your research.

We have conducted testing on several clients with different skin concerns and results have been extremely positive. Some had skin concerns of inflammation, which was relieved with our I Am Delicate mask. The I am Purifying mask cleanses and detoxifies impurities and we’ve noticed significant cleansing and pore refining during our testing.

As a new brand, we are investing in more clinical research and testing to further prove the effects of our products. The unique formulas in our RARE products encompass a combination of clinically proven ingredients in their purest concentrations.

We choose the best actives which have been tested with in vitro and vivo studies to support their claims, as we know these have already been tested to produce results, such as reverse the signs of ageing and protect and repair the skin from the damaging effects of environmental stress, pollution, electromagnetic stressors and toxins.

Holistic Beauty Experience

If you’re looking to offer your clients something unique that provides a holistic beauty experience, then our luxurious masks would be the perfect fit.

We have designed signature facials to complement the mask products, including lymphatic massage and acupressure for the face. Our RARE signature gemstone facial complements the mask treatment to energise, balance and restore the mind, body and skin.

We’ve also gone beyond the products to create an experience. From the moment you order one of our luxury masks to receiving it, with its own especially crafted and designed box that unveils both the luxurious mask and a beautiful mask treatment brush, our commitment is to making your skincare become rituals you look forward to – not just a regime you follow. Every element of your RARE experience is designed to deliver positive energy and a radiating sense of beauty giving you a magical and luxurious experience every time.

Our range is growing as we will release four amazing new products this year containing even more rare elements and minerals formulated with neuropeptides and infused with incredible gemstones. As world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, Deepak Chopra, says:

“Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence… capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation.”

Alicia Pasfield is the founder and managing director of LIVKIN.