Gandhi’s Home A True Wellness Destination

Today, the Satyagraha House in Johannesburg, where Mohandas Gandhi once resided over one hundred years ago, is both a museum and a guest house, and visitors flock to experience this very special immersion in both the home of a luminary, and one of the richest parts of the country’s history. The site also serves as the birthplace of Ghandi’s Satyagraha movement; a philosophy of passive resistance.

An extensive team was responsible for the renovations, comprising of a historian, a curator, an architect, two interior designers, and their respective teams, to restore the original spirit of the house, bringing back an important page in the history of both South Africa and Mohandas Gandhi. The Satyagraha House is now a registered part of the country’s historical heritage and presents an innovative accommodation concept linking guesthouse to museum.

Currently the property is divided into a heritage site and a peaceful guesthouse, and visitors will enjoy freshly prepared meals (vegetarian of course) from local organic produce. Truly a holistic wellness destination for those seeking tranquility and peace, visitors to Satyagraha House can even further enrich their stay with a traditional, specialised spa treatment. Local spa and skincare brand Africology recently announced their exclusive partnership with Satyagraha House, where they offer Africology AfriVeda; a tailor-made treatment that brings together Ayurveda, the Indian science of life, and African plants and plant oils, to nurture personal welfare.

Africology founder Renchia Droganis, a pioneer with deep insight of the interplay between body and mind, says “Satyagraha House already offers so much – the history of Gandhi’s stay here in 1907 while still developing his concept of truth force, the on-site museum, the gardens, the vegetarian cuisine favoured by Gandhi, and the guesthouse. This venture has created a meaningful synergy between wellness and wisdom, embracing my philosophy on the inherent kindness of humanity while realigning the senses. Two worlds brought together on one divine journey.”

Fabrice Dabouineau, director of Voyageurs Du Monde – owners of Satyagraha House, says of the partnership: “Here, the cultures of Africa and India are as one. At the same time, the Africology experience is all about bodily and spiritual harmony. The philosophical fit with our new partners is ideal.”

In celebration, Africology has also created a limited edition candle, Satyagraha 1907, and provides the house with all of its spa amenities range including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and lavender infused sleep gel.