Bali Bliss: Our Experience At Bulgari Resort

The quality of the service we received was matched equally by the incredibly breathtaking views over the ocean from every vantage point – which remained the star feature during treatments behind floor-to-ceiling glass, poolside, and lounging by sunset.

SPA+CLINIC recently had the incredible opportunity to visit ‘the island of the gods’ to experience everything Bali has to offer in terms of its incredible spa and wellness culture, and we are delighted to bring back all the details for our readers around what we truly believe may be some of the best spa offerings in the world. This week, we give you the inside scoop on the spectacular spa located inside Bali’s Bulgari Resort.

Nothing can prepare you for just how opulent the Bulgari Resort Bali is going to be, until you proceed through the large gated entry, ascend the large stone set of stairs, and a breathtaking view of flowering trees, private villas and the Indian ocean bursts into view. Once we’ve taken in our fill of the landscape, a buggy car escorts us downhill through a winding lush jungle-like garden, past the gift shop and restaurant (where visitors experience the most grand of dining experiences looking out over the sea) and we arrive at the pool area. Spa goers are encouraged to enjoy the fully serviced, incredibly luxe infinity pool, which if observed from the right angle, looks like it spills right off into the ocean itself. One side of the pool is lined with double cabanas with sheer curtains, while the other; bright pink bougainvillea and frangipanis in full bloom. There are even two semi-private spas tucked just behind a corner for a spot of semi-private bathing. The experience is a truly breathtaking one.

It’s then time to experience the spa, so we jump in another buggy. The space consists of beautiful stone and an intricately carved timber reception – giving a feel that is almost temple-like. Our shoes are swapped out for slippers while we complete consultation forms, then we make our way down some more stone stairs and into a large indoor-outdoor post-treatment area. It is a private retreat in itself, with grassy lawn and a linen hammock on one side, and in the centre, wooden decking suspended over water with lounge chairs that guests can recline on and, you guessed it, gaze out over the ocean. We leave our slippers at the door and make our way to the dressing room, where we slip into a Bulgari kimono and are then shown to a glass ocean-view room, complete with two pedicure chairs and a jacuzzi, for our pre-treatment foot ritual. Verbal skin consultations are then conducted during the short foot and leg massage that follows, where we have our signature Biologique Recherche facials explained to us. Once this is done, we are ushered to another glass ocean-view room, housing twin beds dressed with sarongs in the Bulgari Spa’s signature colour: purple. Our therapists conducts the standard comfort checks, including whether we would like her to explain the steps during the facial or just relax in silence.

The following 90-minute facial starts with a skin analysis, in which our therapists candidly share areas of concerns. Then commences the indulgent, leisurely-paced treatment – including double cleanse, face mist, chemical exfoliant, and a unique lifting massage experience using firm upward-dragging motions followed by a mask. The mask is applied gently but firmly using hands as opposed to a brush, and then moisturising eye patches are applied to both upper and lower lids. A firm scalp and neck massage is performed, then the mask gently removed and moisturisers and eye cream applied before completing the journey with firm pressures on the legs as bolters are removed.

Once the facials conclude and we change and collect our things, we are led back to the aforementioned relaxation area, where we help ourselves to fruit-infused water and a variety of healthy snacks and nuts. Our therapists deliver some pots of fresh ginger and lemongrass tea with coconut biscuits, which we enjoy peacefully while watching the sun set over the sea.

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