10 Take-Home Wellness Tools To Help Boost Your Sales

From sauna blankets to cryo ice globes, these wellness tools make excellent additions to your in-store offering.

Since the pandemic began, many clients have turned to at-home beauty hacks and wellness tools to keep themselves feeling glowy, toned and confident. The global home-use beauty device market was valued at US$9,571.6 million in 2020 and is on track to reach US$89,535.1 million by 2030 — a CAGR of 25.1 per cent over 10 years.

UK e-tailer Cult Beauty recently released a report on the most-searched beauty and wellness tools over the past 12 months. The list is a great indicator for spas and clinics looking to boost in-store and online sales and expand their offering to between treatment pick-me-ups. According to the report, the top 10 most-searched wellness and beauty tools and their increase in Google searches are:

  1. Sauna blankets – 20,600%
  2. Face tools (Gua Sha) – 6,200%
  3. Massage guns – 4,000%
  4. Gua Sha stones – 3,900%
  5. Cyro ice globes – 2,000%
  6. Body massager – 740%
  7. Bed of nails acupressure mat – 721%
  8. Acupressure set – 578%
  9. Head massage comb – 314%
  10. Infrared masks – 291%

At the top of the list was sauna blankets, up 20,600 per cent, an infrared blanket that offers a more convenient alternative to traditional saunas to reduce muscle tension, improve overall wellness and can burn up to 600 calories each sesssion. If your spa or clinic offers sauna sessions in-house, sauna blankets may make a great addition to your offering and allow clients reap the full wellness benefits of the sauna anywhere, anytime.

Face tools, including Gua Sha, are still having a major moment, promising a smooth, glowy and perfectly-plumped complexion, better circulation and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. Gua Sha tools perfectly complement for facials and skin treatments and offer a great natural anti-ageing alternative for injectables. Searches for face tools rose 6,200 per cent and Gua Sha searches alone saw a 3,900 per cent increase — great news for clinics and spas that stock tools such as Gua Sha and jade and rose quartz rollers. These tools make a great addition to take-home product packs and special gifting packs around Mother’s Day and Christmas.

As part of the fitness and wellness boom, tools such as massage guns and body massagers have become hot commodities. Massage guns have become the third most Googled wellness tool, up 4,000 per cent, and body massagers — although not quite as popular — have searches up 740 per cent. These statistics demonstrate how the fitness, spa and wellness worlds have become deeply intertwined. Consumers are prioritising whole-body wellbeing (think muscle tension relief, boosting circulation and generally indulging in “me-time” wellness) now more than ever, and these kinds of tools are great additions to businesses that offer fitness-focused treatments such as magnesium pools, sauna sessions and remedial massage.

Another notable addition to the most-searched wellness tools is cryo ice globes, which had a 3,900 per cent increase in Google searches. Cryotherapy is by no means a new treatment, but it is having a moment right now with cryo spas popping up everywhere around Australia. Cryo facials have become a therapist favourite for face sculpting, so if your spa is aboard the cryo craze train, offering a take-home add-on such as cryo ice globes is a great way to help the longevity of client treatment as well as encourage them to indulge in self-care that comes with visible results.


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