Bk Vitamin C Face and Eye Serum

Biologi is a brand that has paved the way for Clean Cosmeceuticals and their latest launch cements this new category of skincare. Introducing Biologi’s Bk Vitamin C Face and Eye Serum, a two-ingredient serum that combines the benefits of being pure and active, whilst also being scientifically backed by experts. Biologi’s Bk Vitamin C Face and Eye Serum (previously named Bk Eye Rejuvenation Serum) is a 100% active yet natural Vitamin C serum that is undiluted, free from fragrance and contains zero synthetic activating agents.

Previously categorised as an eye serum, the new 2.0 version delivers the exact same goodness in a bottle, but better represents this multi-tasking skincare hero that can be used all over the face and body. This 100% active Vitamin C serum delivers hard-working phyto-actives along with essential nutrients that provide a synergistic effect, also helping to complete skin functionality i.e, the building of collagen. Bk Vitamin C Face and Eye Serum also improves skin elasticity and suppleness, whilst evening out skin tone and brightness and protecting the cells from environmental damage. Being a pure plant-based Vitamin C option, it is safe for most skin types and particularly beneficial for those with skin conditions who have had irritations from using Synthetic Vitamin C.

Formulated with just two ingredients (Australian native extract of Kakadu Plum and 0.2% of preservative Sodium Benzoate) Biologi’s Bk Vitamin C Face and Eye Serum is one of the only skincare products in the world that can boast natural Vitamin C (not Ascorbic Acid) and is 100% active. Thanks to their revolutionary extraction system, Biologi is the first, and so far, the only brand in the world that is able to extract not only 100% stable plant Vitamin C but also the unique cellular matrix that protects the serum and transports the active nutrients to each plant cell.

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