Three Steps To Radiance

The three leading causes of skin ageing have been proved by research scientists to be oxidative stress, glycation and DNA damage.

If a skincare regime addresses one thing but not the rest, the results are never going to be as good as they could.

A new scientifically-tested treatment from Anesi, Cellular-3, works to ward off these three culprits and so combat wrinkles, fade dark spots, firm the tissue, refine skin texture, redefine facial contour, illuminate the complexion and minimise pores for a more youthful, radiant complexion.

The three products in the Cellular-3 range – Glycol Peel, Booster and Renewal Cream – offer a selection of active ingredients with maximum concentration and regenerative capacity, such as peptides bio-regulators, plant extracts and other Anesi exclusively designed growth factors (GF) designed to penetrate into the epidermal cell structures. The hero ingredients:

  • 3GF Complex: Designed by Anesi, it uses the latest bio-engineering techniques designed to stimulate new collagen, redensify the skin and ultimately reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates cell repair. It also reduces blemishes. The factors contained in 3GF are encapsulated in liposomes for complete epidermal penetration and diffusion.
  • Progeline: The first active ingredient capable of inhibiting progerin synthesis, while protecting the extracellular matrix. Progeline clinically improves the signs associated with ageing: drooping, lack of tone, wrinkles et al.
  • TGFb. A powerful stimulator of the proteins found in the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibronectin and integrin), redensifies the skin and improves the cell environment.


Cellular 3 can be used both professionally and as an at-home care maintenance program, using the the three retail products:

Cellular 3 Glycol Peel is a state of the art peel treatment that combines glycolic acid with other AHAs for a deep peel and renewing effect.

Cellular-3 Booster is designed to correct cell regeneration and re-epithialisation, stimulating the collagen production and assisting in preventing photo damage, expression lines and wrinkles.

Cellular-3 Renewal Cream is the ultimate anti-ageing cream that treats all symptoms of aging on a daily basis; wrinkles, lack of tone, blemishes, uneven texture, dullness and sensitivity.