ReBorn – Shedding New Light on Medical-Grade Fat-Reduction

The Global Beauty Group are thrilled to introduce ReBorn.

There is nothing more disheartening than ticking all the boxes when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and yet…when we look in the mirror, we see stubborn pockets of fat staring back at us. For localised areas of built-up fat that regular exercise and adhering to a healthy eating plan simply won’t shift, there is an ingenious new non-surgical solution on the horizon – one that offers an unprecedented and patented power-source that is paving the way for non-invasive body contouring solutions. Aesthetic industry wholesaler, The Global Beauty Group are thrilled to introduce ReBorn – the very latest ground-breaking technology in medical-grade body contouring treatments and the first of its kind available on the market.

Based upon years of research and developed by Israeli based company LightFective, a company at the forefront of light-based medical treatments, ReBorn offers a truly innovative approach to non-invasive fat reduction and bodyshaping treatments. Boasting the largest treatment applicators on the market, studies have shown that on average, due to a new type of light source that is hundreds of times more powerful than normal LEDs, ReBorn is able to achieve a temperature that is 2.4 degrees higher than leading competitive fat-reduction devices.

By utilising a combination of optimised medical-grade Power LEDS and precision engineering, ReBorn provides uniform and even energy distribution like never before, resulting in easy, comfortable treatments with unrivalled clinical outcomes for practitioners and clients alike.
Unlike other light-based technologies which can suffer heat disparities of up to 60%, ReBorn’s patented light source is able to deliver consistent and even heat over the entire treatment area, resulting in overall efficacy and superior outcomes for patients. 

Designed for professionals, this advanced fat-reduction technology includes:

  • Military-grade, patented LED technology 
  • Consistent and uniform energy distribution allows for optimal heat absorption
  • 4 of the largest treatment applicators on the market
  • Cost effective treatments with no consumables, disposables, or hidden costs
  • Hands free treatments leave clinicians free for other services
  • Proprietary cooling technology keeps patients comfortable
  • Fast and easy treatments to perform with no patient downtime

Unlike other fat freezing or non-surgical fat reduction machines, ReBorn utilises military medical-grade Power LED technology to achieve optimised, homogenous energy, allowing for uniform heat over the entire treatment area, targeting fat cells that lie at depths of 5mm to 14mm beneath the skin without affecting the epidermis. This innovative Power LED technology uses 940nm IR (infrared) wavelength, and can emit power up of 200W+, thus achieving optimal heat absorption in the earmarked cells and raising the temperature to a uniform temperature of 42°-47°C over a period of 25 min to successfully trigger fat reduction (or cell apoptosis).

Not only does ReBorn achieve the highest temperature of any fat-reduction device currently on the market, but it also employs the largest treatment spot size in the industry thanks to its applicators. Each of the 4 applicators have a matrix array of 63 (9×7) power LEDs, creating a 7x5cm² spot size with a semi-wide (80°) optical angle that 250-440% larger than other laser competitors.

With the system comprising of 4 lightweight ergonomic applicators,ReBorn can reduce unwanted and hard-to-shift pockets of fat on most parts of the body including but not limited to: the stomach, abdomen, back, hips, flanks, upper thighs, lower legs, and arms. 

Treatments with ReBorn are clinically proven to remove stubborn and unwanted fat cells for long term fat reductionresults, offering practitioners unrivalled outcomes, thanks to ReBorn’s cutting edge and unique design. To book your demo and discover how ReBorn can achieve you client and business goals call The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607. 

This article was provided and sponsored by The Global Beauty Group.


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