dermaviduals’ New Micro-Needling Device Is Here

derma aesthetics, distributors of dermaviduals, has finally launched their highly anticipated medical micro-needling device in Australia and New Zealand, after reportedly receiving hundreds of salon enquiries when announcing ‘EXCEED’s upcoming debut in May this year.

Reika Roberts, Co-Founder of derma aesthetics says, “We have been very excited to launch this new device as EXCEED is a real game changer for Collagen Induction Therapy. The German technology and engineering runs at a low vibration and the needle precision with a tilting needle plate adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration. Our new device is amazing and everyone will love it, we can’t wait to see it take off across Australasia.”

Key features of the new EXCEED medical micro-needling device include:

  • German technology and engineering
  • Runs at a low vibration and is super quiet while running
  • Consistent power supply to ensure superior results
  • Needle precision with a tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration and minimal epidermal trauma
  • Exclusive and patented microneedle cartridges
  • Adjustable speed on the digital display
  • Corded to ensure consistent speed 8. Operated at a frequency of up to 150 micro channels per second
  • Equipped with a tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin to ensure perpendicular needle penetration & minimal epidermal trauma
  • Small cartridge head, containing 6 x 32 gauge needles, allowing practitioners to carefully treat all contours of the treatment area

The new device incorporates clever safety membranes to prevent the back flow of any liquids and ensuring there is no risk of contamination to the hand piece.

EXCEED is also proud to report they have achieved the highest level of safety body approval available globally. The device has been approved with the FDA and listed with the TGA as a class 2B medical device in Australia and is Medsafe listed in New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “dermaviduals’ New Micro-Needling Device Is Here

  1. I have a number of concerns in regard to the claims made by Dermaviduals new microneedling product “Exceed”
    1) Complete sterility. – No product that has a desk control unit can claim sterility unless the unit can be cleaned and autoclaved between each client. The same applies to the hand piece unless a disposable sleeve is supplied.
    2.) The use of a 6 needle tip is well below industry standard which is 12 needles oscillating at around 100 times per second or 1200 holes per second. If “Exceed’s” oscillation is 100 x sec (600 holes/sec) it would be far below the Dermapen’s 16 needle x 120 oscillations (1920 holes/sec) However it would appear that Dermaviduals are only claiming 150 micro channels per second which is clinically highly inefficient.
    3) The use of 32g needles is traumatic compared to the 33g which are readily available.
    It Looks nice even though the industry specs have long passed it by

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the comment. We always appreciate our readers sharing thoughts and feedback, and opening up honest dialogue!

    1. Hi Denise, thanks for the comment! We agree with Brian’s point about sterility and have since removed the claim. Additionally, we report on new devices and their specs according to information we receive from the brand or manufacturer – our job is to remain unbiased and we do not suggest superiority or directly compare devices against one another. We trust that our readers are highly educated and aware of the current industry standards and can come to these sorts of conclusions independently based on this as well as what is best for their business and their clients 🙂

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