A New Watch That Monitors Your Health, Beauty & Wellness

Introducing the latest in ‘environmentables’.

Wearable tech is certainly on the rise with news this week of the latest wearable health, wellness and beauty device from France confirming the trend. Launching this year from a new company called IEVA, the upcoming Time-C watch is designed to help you “slow the signs of aging and the passage of time.”

Source: IEVA

It boasts a handful of smart features, including those you might find on an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, such as activity and heart rate, plus a few extra additions that are more beauty and epigenetics-focused. Time-C encapsulates a micro-electronic core in a horologic case – meaning it looks just like your classic analogue watch, but houses smartwatch-level technology.

It boasts indoor and outdoor CO2 and VOC (volatile organic compound) sensors, and information is cross-checked against data from the EU’s Copernicus Program. It can also track ambient temperature, humidity, luminosity and the local noise levels, and even read both UVA, UVB levels, warning you when it’s time to head inside. You will also of course receive the standard heart-rate measurement, activity and sleep tracking capabilities too. Data can be analysed by users via the watch’s accompanying smartphone app once installed.

Aesthetically, the retro-looking design features stainless steel case, sapphire crystal dial and brass dynamic hands. It will be available in classic steel and rose gold designs, and is set to go on sale later this year. Prices are expected to start at $490USD.

IEVA was founded by Jean-Michel Karam, an engineer and also the founder of Parisian skincare brand IOMA, some of whose high end products are already utilising small hydration sensor technology throughout. Time-C has been designed as a symbiotic extension of this, allowing customers to track their skincare needs and establish a suitable skincare regime from the information they’ve received.

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