Buy a GentleLase Pro-U or GentleYAG Pro-U and get a free $50,000 upgrade

To mark 20 years of Gentle, Syneron Candela are thrilled to offer clinicians a free upgrade to a dual wavelength (GentleMax Pro) when they purchase a single wavelength laser (GentleLase Pro-U or GentleYAG Pro-U). This special offer is available for a limited time only. With two decades of success and innovation to its name, the Gentle Pro laser series is a name known by many in the industry: with over 20,000 systems installed, it’s cemented its place as the leading laser brand chosen by clinicians around the world.

The demand for hair removal these days is increasing. Research reveals that the average woman shaves her legs 11,500 times during her life and spends an estimated $16,000[*] on shaving. It’s not, though, simply a female-dominated demographic. Another recent study estimated men’s body hair removal at 84%, suggesting they are (just about) keeping up with the ladies.[1] Not only that, but we’ve witnessed a 46% increase in male hair removal procedures since 2003. Hair removal ranks among the top three non-surgical aesthetic procedures, with 13 million hair removal procedures[2] expected to be performed this year.

As no doubt you’ve experienced firsthand, this upward trend shows no sign of slowing. While only 9% of the population has had a laser hair removal treatment[3], 52% of the population is considering hair removal with an aesthetic device[3] and laser hair removal makes up 39% of all energy-based treatments[2]. Interestingly, too, laser hair removal is the second most popular minimally invasive procedure for men[3].

As Gentle Pro laser series hits 20 years of success and innovation, Syneron Candela is pleased to extend a special limited time offer, valued at more than $50,000. Gentle Pro is the next step in laser-based hair removal and skin care and a fast-track to achieving smooth and beautiful skin. Using light energy, Gentle Pro penetrates the hair follicle, destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin. As you know, though, it’s not strictly a hair removal-affair – Gentle Pro also reduces wrinkles, and removes vascular and pigmented lesions including age spots, freckles and sun damage, depending on the patient’s concerns.

“The larger treatment spot sizes now available on the Gentle Pro Systems can significantly decrease patient treatment time without a decrease in efficacy,” says New York-based plastic surgeon Alan Gold, M.D. “Quicker treatment times allow for greater business growth in my practice.”

New York-based dermatologist Anne Chapas, M.D. agrees: “We’ve had great experience with the large spot size delivery on the Gentle Series in treating areas such as the back and legs. Overall, this is a great advance in long pulse Alexandrite technology combining the high energy and efficacy of long pulse Alexandrite wavelength with a new level of efficiency.”

Gentle Pro Series is the laser of choice for precise, non-invasive laser treatments. Born of the largest supplier of medical grade lasers for hair, pigment and vascular lesion removal in Australia, the advanced technology and improved capabilities of Gentle Pro delivers among the highest peak power and unparalleled treatment efficacy.

“I have 20-30 different lasers, and a lot of these do hair removal, but I keep going back to the GentleLase,” says Massachusetts-based dermatologist Thomas E. Rohrer, M.D. “It continues to be my go-to laser for hair removal, no matter how many hair removal lasers I try.”

“Candela has taken the best hair removal laser and made it better,” says Colorado-based dermatologist Stephen W. Eubanks, M.D. “It’s faster, it gives you more options with longer pulse duration, the interface is easier to use and the sliders make it easier to change the spot size. It’s just improving an already great product.”

The Gentle Pro laser mechanism is one with which many of you are no doubt familiar: laser energy is delivered through a hand piece operated by a practitioner. The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle/pigmented lesion or vascular lesion and converted to heat. The heat damages the targeted hair follicle or lesion, while the surrounding tissues remains unaffected.

To commemorate 20 years of Gentle, Syneron Candela are pleased to offer clinicians a free upgrade to a dual wavelength (GentleMax Pro) when you purchase a single wavelength laser (GentleLase Pro-U or GentleYAG Pro-U). This special offer is for a limited time only and expires on Sunday 9 September or while stocks last.

Syneron Candela will be on-hand at this year’s Beauty Expo Australia celebrating what they’ve coined on social media as #20yearsofgentle. Be sure to join the conversation or stop by their stand on the day to hear firsthand how the Gentle Pro Series has revolutionised businesses. If you can’t make it to the expo, please visit their website or email

[*] Estimate only, dependent on country of residence.

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