Plasma Facial

New applications for use of NEOGEN’s Nitrogen Plasma Technology have been shared amongst the worldwide community of medical professionals for many years. The most popular new treatment that has risen in popularity has been the NEOGEN SPA’s low energy full face application of nitrogen plasma in what is now known as the ‘Plasma Facial’.  Originated in Singapore where glowing, healthy skin is in demand and busy lifestyles mean clients simply cannot accommodate downtime, the Plasma Facial has been the go-to treatment. The Plasma Facial trend has tricked throughout Asia, the USA and Europe and has finally hit our shores.

The NEOGEN SPA’s Plasma Facial involves low energy irradiation of the skin at 0.5-0.8J giving it a uniform luminosity that continues to improve over time. Nitrogen plasma energy is derived from medical grade nitrogen gas and is safe and natural. The plasma energy uses the water in the skin as a transport method of delivery so good hydration of the skin prior to treatment is essential. The plasma energy is strong enough to push away all surface molecules, killing bacteria and safely renewing skin cells in the process.

The NEOGEN SPA is non fractionated, non-chromophore dependant on its uptake, non-ablative and as a result, can treat a multitude of conditions simultaneously with no downtime. The patients skin remains intact as new skin generates below the surface.

Nitrogen plasma is not a light source, so complications normally observed with lasers and IPL treatments do not apply with NEOGEN treatments. Furthermore, studies have shown that after a low energy treatment with the NEOGEN SPA, the hydrophilic channels are open for 24 hours, creating the perfect conditions for optimal product absorption.

The protocol for a Plasma Facial involves cleansing the skin, application of a hydration mask for 10 minutes followed by NEOGEN low energy irradiation of the face – between 0.5-0.8joules depending on skin type. As the channels are open, practitioners can apply a suitable topical to address any specific concerns or alternatively apply a hydrating mask for 10 minutes.

The treatment is pain free, comfortable and easy with no downtime. The patient’s skin glows post treatment with results that continue to improve with time. Ideally, 3-6 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart is recommended.

The NEOGEN SPA is designed for aesthetic clinics and spa’s that seek to offer their clients something unique that delivers results with no discomfort or downtime.  The NEOGEN SPA is easy to use and indicated for Skin Types I-V. It is not a light source and does not require any special licensing or room modifications. The device is manufactured in the UK, CE Marked, FDA cleared for 7 indications and TGA listed.

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