A fresh new look for Medik8

Medik8 has revealed the next phase of its evolution with the launch of a refreshed identity that emphasises the brand’s core values of simplicity, results and sustainability.

More than just cosmetic, Medik8’s refresh extends beyond simplified, clean looking aesthetics. The brand has also redefined the skincare landscape so consumers no longer have to make the choice between results and experience. Medik8 is transforming expectations with cutting-edge science that allows their results-focused products to enjoy the same bathroom appeal, fine textures and elegant fragrances of pampering brands without compromising performance.

Nowhere is this more evident than with their vitamin A range and their latest launch, Crystal Retinal. Deemed the Experts in Vitamin A, Medik8 has always understood the importance of this powerful molecule in resurfacing the skin, enhancing collagen production to combat fine lines and wrinkles, reducing blemish-causing bacteria and blocking the formation of excess melanin for a brighter, more even-toned complexion.

Medik8’s philosophy of never using retinyl esters (such as retinyl palmitate) has allowed the brand to focus on developing new breakthrough forms of vitamin A that are scientifically proven to provide outstanding results.

New Crystal Retinal takes vitamin A to the next level. This revolutionary serum-cream is powered by retinaldehyde, a next-generation vitamin A molecule that delivers results up to 11 times faster than traditional retinol. Delivered in a unique, crystal encapsulation system, the active is time released throughout the night for maximum results with minimal irritation.

Unlike retinol, which must first be converted to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid within the skin, Crystal Retinal only requires one conversion to retinoic acid.  This means it can deliver results comparable to clinical-grade vitamin A.


Unparalleled results, in just 4 weeks
95% of users reported smoother skin texture after using Crystal Retinal 6 for 4 weeks*
75% felt that the appearance of fine lines is significantly reduced*
80% felt that their skin looked noticeably more youthful*
85% of users said that overall skin tone is improved and complexion is clarified*
*In a trial of 20 people using Crystal Retinal 6 over 4 weeks

Skin looks noticeably more youthful, contours are redefined and radiance is undeniably restored

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