Introducing Money-Making Coaching For Clinics

Become your most profitable and successful self.

Introducing an exciting new coaching program for clinics needing some assistance in finance and sales – Million Dollar Clinics. Created by The Sales Catalyst, an Australian leader in beauty industry training, Million Dollar Clinics has been designed for high end clinics and aesthetic practices that wish to become more financially savvy, improve their sales techniques, and better understand their numbers. 

Neil Osborne

Founded by Neil Osborne, the Sales Catalyst teaches an industry-specific approach that’s the perfect profit hack for busy business owners who are time-poor, overwhelmed, not achieving their financial goals and crave long term stability in their income. 

The coaching program, called Million Dollar Clinics, teaches clinic owners how to increase the profitability of their clinic by prioritising profit, persuading existing clients to spend more and producing new clients that are the best fit for their clinic.

Having read the “Profit First” book and integrating the system into his own business in late 2019, in early 2020, the COVID-19 crisis locked down the clinic and spa industry. Thousands of salons and clinics are now struggling to survive and as a result, Neil has negotiated the Aust/NZ rights to teach the Profit First™ system across the industry, to help it recover and rebuild. Those methods are founded on building sustainable, profitable growth, that’s driven by proven industry-specific integrations of the Profit First™ principles.

“The really successful businesses I see out there know their numbers well,” says Neil. “I want to embark on a program to help our industry at large develop those same skills.”

“The really successful businesses I see out there know their numbers well. I want to embark on a program to help our industry at large develop those same skills.”

The Million Dollar Clinics program was specifically designed to fulfill the shifts in behaviours and needs as a result of the current economy, with Neil wanting to address the major financial distress currently being experienced and help clinics understand how they can influence their figures. The program explores how to increase sales, the dangers of discounting, calculating gross margins, profit and loss, treatment bundling, pricing structures and increases, reducing expenses, and in general – working smarter. 

In the September 2019 Industry report from IBIS, it was noted that on average, 37.5% of industry business income goes out in wages, 15% to rent, 17% on product – resulting in less than 8% profit. This is an insufficient amount for long-term survival, when compared to other SMEs in Australia.

“The people who understand their numbers really well, are not only very profitable, they’re also less stressed and they go on to survive and have a really strong and happy business lifestyle. My journey is to help people understand their numbers and then teach them industry-specific methods to influence them. It’s not difficult to do, it just requires education and implementation.”

The 9-week program, the first of which commences on Monday 20 July 2020, comprises of:

  • 9 weeks of live 1-hour interactive Zoom meetings
  • A 90-minute one-on-one coaching call with Neil
  • A numbers preparation support call 
  • Access to M$C Tools and Workbooks for each lesson
  • Access to recordings of each module, for review

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Founded by Neil Osborne, The Sales Catalyst teaches businesses how to be profitable and commercially clever in the salon and clinic marketplaces. He’s a sales and business coach who, for more than three decades, has worked exclusively in the Salon, Clinic and Aesthetic industries. Over those decades, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses using industry-specific methods that grow sales by developing clinic consultation, persuasion and client interaction skills.