Freezing Fat Without Painful Suction Cups

With body sculpting treatments still increasing in popularity, people are looking for faster, easier ways to get rid of unwanted fat. They want pain-free, quick treatments that give visible results. Introducing the latest body sculpting technology on the market that is set to revolutionise the way we freeze fat: Cryo T-Shock.

Cryo T-Shock uses a handheld applicator, which is applied to the body using a massage technique. Unlike the suction cup models which can be uncomfortable and painful, Cryo T-Shock treatments are relaxing and very tolerable, and the handheld applicator is able to treat hard to reach places and denser areas like saddle bags that don’t easily fit into a suction cup.

What’s different about Cryo T-Shock compared to other body sculpting devices on the market is that it employs Thermal Shock technology (hence the name ‘T-Shock’) alternating between hot and cold temperatures at varying times and sequences to effect physiological change (also known as Contrast Cryolipolysis). Treatments induce lipolysis (breakdown of fats) through a process known as apoptosis (controlled cell death), during which the affected fat cells begin to die and are then naturally metabolised and removed by the lymphatic system, resulting in the reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer.

Through the use of its innovative thermal shock system, Cryo T-Shock treatments also tighten and improve the appearance of the skin. Microcirculation of the skin is increased dramatically as capillaries undergo a period of vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) followed by vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels). This causes toxins stored in the layers of the skin to be broken down and flushed away. Collagen production is increased, the lymphatic system is stimulated and the metabolic rate is increased.

Before and after 2 fat freezing treatments with Cryo T-Shock

Cryo T-Shock can treat both the body and face (double chin, jawline, neck, décolletage), making it the MVP of any clinic as it is highly profitable and easy to use. The device is competitively priced and the only consumable is the Cryo Gel which costs $120 plus GST and lasts for about 50 treatments, making it easy to achieve a high ROI.

Before and after 2 jaw line and neck slimming treatments with Cryo T-Shock

Our training courses are designed to help you unleash the full potential at your fingertips – whatever your ability or experience. We offer tailored one-on-one instruction and guidance from expert trainers who provide coaching, information and technique supporting you to develop the skills to confidently use Cryo T-Shock to achieve outstanding results.

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