Di’lamor: Luxurious And Effective Skincare Made In Australia

A new and exciting Australian skincare brand has launched, focusing on high quality ingredients to achieve healthy skin for all ages. We chatted to Co-Founder of Di’lamor, Mary Dib, to hear more about her products and how she found a silver lining in the trying times of COVID-19.

Tell us about the brand; what is Di’lamor?

Di’lamor is an innovative range of luxury skincare developed and manufactured in Australia. The brand features an array of scientifically developed skincare designed to suit the needs of all ages. The latest collection offers the daily cleanser and toner essentials through to luxurious beauty goods including the brand’s much-loved skin-perfecting serum infused with 24 karat gold. As well as being cruelty and paraben-free, the products are supercharged with nourishing, natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Kakadu Plum. 

Designing the brand Di’lamor, we wanted to create a unique versatile branding, we somehow wanted to implement “Dib” into our branding in a hidden concept. ‘L’amor’ refers to the French term for “love” and the “Di’ represents our family name “Dib”. Di’lamor in a hidden way means expressing our love throughout our journey.

What do you believe consumers are looking for nowadays when it comes to skincare?

We believe many consumers are after simple and clean products that meet the expectation and quality the skincare brand promotes. We have kept our range small as we strongly believe in quality over quantity. We would much rather have a few great products than many ranges that do not meet the consumer’s expectations. At Di’lamor we take pride and dedication when developing each product, this is to ensure that consumers are receiving the results they are expecting.

What impact has COVID-19 had on the launch?

At the beginning it was quite stressful as we had many things planned, our launch was supposed to be in March. However, this date was changed many times as the panic of the pandemic was growing. The launch event was eventually cancelled due to the covid-19 restrictions. 

As time went on while in quarantine, I then learnt to take this as a positive rather than a negative. We went over everything and re perfected aspects that we did not notice a few months earlier. This time taught us to be patient as we do not know what the future holds, perfection cannot be rushed, trust in your journey and everything happens just at the perfect moment.

Who is your ideal stockist?

Di’lamor’s aim is to have our brand in beauty clinics Australia wide. This is because the Di’lamor skincare range has been developed for all skin types, specially those who have sensitive and dry skin. This range can be offered to clients who are looking for a simple, clean, and effective skincare routine. We understand not all clients and customers have severe skin conditions and therefore, Di’lamor’s new range was developed with active ingredients to maintain the overall structure of the skin’s health. 

Any plans to expand the range in future?

In the near future, Di’lamor plans to expand their skincare range to target different skin type and skin conditions.

What do you love most about our industry? 

 I love being a part of this industry as I get to express and inspire those who follow our journey to understand the true meaning of self-love and self-care.

Learn more about Di’lamor here.