Why You Should Offer Menopause Skincare In Your Clinic 

Introducing Metamorphosis Skincare, Australia’s first 100% natural skincare range formulated specifically for peri- to post menopausal skin.

For far too long, women have been going through menopause silently and alone, with the hormonal fluctuations impacting the body, mind, and skin neglected.

From a loss of skin elasticity, to pigmentation and dryness, it is crucial to recognise that almost every woman, except those who’ve undergone ovarian removal before puberty, will journey through menopause at some point in their lifetime.

Although the average age for menopause is 51, numerous women enter this transitional phase earlier. Distressingly, most women endure menopausal symptoms for a period of 5-10 years, making it a significant and often challenging period in their lives.

Vanessa Gray Lyndon, founder and formulator of Vanessa Megan Nutraceuticals, dedicated two years conducting extensive research on what happens to the skin during peri to menopause, to create a solution to the changes that impact women’s skin during this transition.

Working with a focus group of women aged 39 to 70 years, as well as naturopaths, GP’s and skincare experts, Vanessa discovered that hormonally depleted skin requires a calculated combination of high-performance ingredients to address the multitude of changes that take place.

“Powered by nature’s active ingredients,” says Vanessa while discussing the science behind her 100% natural skincare range, “Metamorphosis award-winning skincare products work to diminish common concerns such as pigmentation, textured skin, a loss of collagen and dryness, while enhancing the skin’s natural plumpness, thickness, and elasticity.

Pictured: Vanessa Gray Lyndon

Metamorphosis also features wellbeing products such as award winning The Other Lips Balm, which helps to relieve vaginal dryness, Cool & Calm hot flush mist and the Women’s Blend Superfood powder to aid with brain fog.

What Ingredients are Essential for Ageing Skin?

From phyto-estrogens to ceramides, essential vitamins and peptides, the Metamorphosis range features potent natural ingredients that deliver visible results. “Through my research and testing,” says Vanessa, “I’ve found that phyto-estrogens work incredibly well to support menopausal skin, helping to increase collagen and thicken the skin. We use wild yam, red clover and ingredients like soy protein that are packed with phyto-estrogens.

We also use a rice peptide which is incredible, and a natural alternative to retinol, which many people like to use, but makes the skin quite photo sensitive. Using a natural retinol is much more gentle on the skin. You can also find retinol-style benefits through Bakuchiol, which is from the Babchi plant, but also a new ingredient that I discovered while formulating Metamorphosis called Rambutan. Putting them together, we are getting some incredible results that are surpassing even retinol, when you use them morning and night.”

How did the focus groups respond overall?

The results from our focus groups exceeded my expectations, 99% of the group saw an increase in plumpness, 89% saw an increase in elasticity and 96% saw a reduction in age spots, as well as crepey skin.

The focus group also had relief from symptoms that I hadn’t even created the range to treat. For instance, one challenge women face is reducing the amount of dark hormonal facial hair. When estrogen levels drop, many women get an abundance of darker hair on their face. I hadn’t even thought of that, but with the phyto-estrogens in the Metamorphosis range, it replenishes oestrogen at the dermal level, rather than through HRT or other types of supplementation, and many women see a reduction in the darker facial hair.

Why would it be valuable for spas and clinics to offer this range?

Not only is Menopause a hot topic at the moment, around two million women in Australia have recently undergone menopause and another 80,000 women move into the pre-menopausal stage each year.

Having a treatment/line of products dedicated to this large market of women, puts your finger on the pulse in the industry by offering women every available type of solution for their skin. “Women experiencing Menopause often feel like they’ve lost control of their own bodies.” says Vanessa, “By offering targeted solutions to their newfound insecurities, they can regain that control and feel confident in their skin again.”

In addition to providing a solution, offering menopausal skin care also shows support for women going through this transitional phase. Menopause can be a challenging time for many women, both physically and emotionally. By offering specialised treatments and products, spas and clinics can create a safe and welcoming environment where women feel understood and cared for. This not only enhances the overall experience for the clients but also helps build long-lasting relationships based on trust and empathy.

The Buccal Face Massage

Metamorphosis’ spa partners, including Alba Thermal Springs & Spa, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, are now offering their new Menopausal facial. The Sculpt & Lift treatment, includes intra-oral buccal and lymphatic drainage techniques.

The Buccal facial has been popular across Europe and has been making waves in Australia in recent years for its ability to define and contour the face. Metamorphosis offers extensive training for their facial treatments and massages for their partners, and have received positive feedback for this unique and thorough technique while using Metamorphosis products in the facial.

For more information, visit metamorphosisskincare.com

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