What Is Organic Plastic Surgery?

Organic beauty and skincare has well and truly cemented its place in the industry, and growing day by day. But how about ‘organic cosmetic procedures’?

Dr Joseph Rizk, a Sydney plastic and reconstructive surgeon, specialises (among other things!) in fat transfer, and tells us that the treatment; in which fat is harvested from one part of the body and re-injected into another, is growing in popularity. This use of one’s own fat in order to plumpen areas, as opposed to injecting filler, can appeal greatly to those seeking more ‘natural’ solutions, spawning the term Organic Plastic Surgery.

“Organic Cosmetic Surgery, otherwise known as fat transfer, is the procedure of removing fat from one or more areas and injecting the fat into another area to add volume and reshape specific areas of the body,” says Dr Rizk. “The tissue can be removed from your thighs, belly or buttocks. It is becoming one of the most common methods used for lip enhancement. It takes about an hour, depending on the size of the areas being treated and can be done under local anaesthesia.” Many also believe the treatment to result in a more subtle, natural look.

We chatted to Dr Rizk about why he loves performing this unique filler technique.

What do you love most about the procedure?

  • It improves the body’s contours and proportion
  • Corrects deep wrinkles and folds
  • Improves quality of the overlying skin
  • It can last considerably longer than other types of injectables
  • Cost effective
  • Not too invasive – the procedure itself is less invasive than a facelift. There won’t be any incisions made on your face and you won’t have too much scarring.

What kind of feedback have you received from clients?
We have had nothing but great feedback, and have seen amazing results from fat transfer, in particular breast fat transfer.

What are your most common areas to treat?
Face and breasts

Which is your favourite to perform and why?
Facial fat transfer as it works as a filler, you see results quickly and it lasts a very long time – if not for good.

When it comes to risk and downtime, tell us the difference when compared with conventional surgical options
The general risks of any surgery are similar, including infection, bleeding, abnormal scarring and not achieving the desired result. Major complications are rare.

Compared to other procedures far transfer is less invasive. The incisions are injection sites and not large, there is minimal disruption of natural tissues. Breast fat transfer avoids the need to check and change breast implants in the future.

If you choose an experienced, qualified surgeon who’s experienced in successful fat transfer procedures, then yes, the procedure is very safe. The harvested fat is temporarily stored in sterile canisters which prevent contamination and the potential for infection. The fat you’re having injected is your own, therefore you are at low-risk for allergies or rejection. All too often you hear horror stories about women seeking under-qualified technicians to perform these procedures or go to a country where the medical care is cheaper and lesser quality. Never sacrifice your health for low-budget plastic surgery. Always choose an experienced and qualified surgeon to perform your procedures.

Do you see this having potential for growth here in Australia?
Fat transfer in Australia is here to stay. Fat Transfer has its fair share of both supporters and opponents, but results driven success and patient interested has cemented its position in the market.

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