The Rise Of The Non-Surgical Breast Lift

As the demand for non-invasive surgeries continues to grow, we’re seeing cosmetic doctors and registered nurses becoming more and more innovative when it comes to the use of injectables and lasers, treating difficult areas in new inventive ways to allow clients to avoid going under the knife.

One of these pivotal moments was the non-surgical rhinoplasty exploding onto the consumer scene around 18 months ago, and we’ve witnessed the artistic flair of medical practitioners continue to grow from there, delving deeper into new combination therapies and off-label techniques – from jaw-chiselling with filler to fat-dissolving injections (designed for use on the chin area) on ‘bra fat’, back fat and even stubborn pockets above the knees.

One of the latest innovations we’ve seen is the non-surgical breast lift. According to Dr Josh Wall from Contour Clinics, this non-invasive treatment is growing, and while several other clinics in Australia may offer the service, Contour Clinics is reportedly the only one utilising a unique combination therapy in order to lift and tighten breasts.

“Our non-surgical breast lift is a combination of radiofrequency skin tightening with the 300W Multiplatform Tempsure skin tightening device, and the most Platelet Rich Plasma concentrating system on the Market; EMCYTE,” says Dr Josh.

“Tempsure administers a controlled radiofrequency current to the deep dermal layers of breast tissue, activating collagen induction and tightening sagging breast tissue. Combining this with PRP, or as it is popularly called in the USA “the vampire breast lift”, provides an impressive lift. There have been many clinics offering the PRP breast lift, but to our knowledge we are the only clinic to combine the two. The results have been impressive!”

Josh tells us the treatment requires only topical anaesthetic, and that the PRP component is carried out similarly to a PRP facial.

“The breasts are numbed with topical anaesthetic cream prior to the Tempsure treatment (performed by our female therapist). Most women describe this process as a hot stone massage type of procedure. After cleansing the breasts post Tempsure, they are ready for PRP. PRP is harvested and injected in a fashion similar to any facial PRP treatment.”

Josh says that while it’s a fantastic option for patients seeking non-surgical breast enhancement, those wanting the treatment should still seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon specialising in breasts.

“The ideal candidate has no personal or strong family history of breast cancer, has noticed a sagging of the breasts over time and is keen to avoid extensive scaring caused by a formal breast lift. For best results we do recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon specialising in breast lifting. So far results have been nothing but positive, and vary based on the size of one’s breasts. We find those with smaller breasts notice a greater result, likely owing to the decreased effects of gravity.”

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