The Plasma Potential

What looks like a stylish new hair straightener is in fact the world’s first portable plasma emitting skincare device, and it’s ready to make a big entrance into the Australian market.

PLABEAU uses nano-second pulse and dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) technologies to artificially generate the fourth state of matter, plasma. It’s a term we usually associate with TVs, but plasma is, in fact, all around us. It’s what stars are made of, it can be produced by microwaves, and you can find it in neon signs.

While the use of plasma for beauty treatments isn’t new, making the technology fit into a handheld, cordless, portable device is a game changer.

Korean beauty device company PLABIO is slowly but steadily building a ‘plasma empire’ with revolutionary products not only in the skin treatment sector, but also in haircare, pet grooming, and even in homes with plasma air purifiers and plasma vacuum cleaners set to launch by 2019.

Their latest product launch, the PLABEAU, made its mark at Cosmoprof Asia last year by taking home the Beauty Circle Award in the skincare product category. Now, the company wants to conquer the international market.

PLABIO CEO Kim Moon-hak says “We are excited to expand the applications of plasma technology in the beauty sector to be used in the convenience of all our customers’ homes. Australia is a market we’ve always been interested in entering and we hope our Australian users can reap the wonderful benefits of plasma skin care.”

Based on scientific evidence that plasma aids in sterilising, cell regeneration, and hydrophilicity, the PLABEAU promises to kill germs, reduce pigmentation, tighten skin, and alleviate wrinkles by emitting ions smaller than skin’s pores into the dermis. Furthermore, it enhances the delivery system of the skin, improving absorption of cosmetic ingredients to an average of 41 per cent.

As the device is battery operated and about the size of a remote control, it’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. Compared to the large, bulky plasma technology devices that have been on the market for a while, its portability is PLABEAU’s strength.  It allows two settings, low and high energy depending on a client’s skin concern.

PLABIO sees the PLABEAU as a perfect addition to spas and clinics, not only as an easy-to-use skin treatment device for a wide range of clients, but also as a retail product to sell to those same clients after they’ve experienced the great results of the PLABEAU.

With a suggested retail price of approximately AUD $900, it’s significantly cheaper than larger machines making it an attractive product for practices looking to minimise their asset expenditure.

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Before and after Plabeau treatment