Injectables Dubbed ‘The New Blow Wave’

The New York Times reported this week that injectables are now as easy and accessible as a blowwave, as we experience a new wave of beauty bars with a focus on injectables popping up around the US.

It features a number of newly established beauty bars, all specialising in injectables treatments that are provided in a casual, out-in-the-open environment, seemingly to lift the age-old conception that injectable treatments need to be carried out in a secretive manner.

Some of these locations, including ‘Alchemy 43’, encourage membership programs, taking the casual vibes to the next level. Alchemy’s owners are the founders of DryBar, one of the nation’s most popular blowdry bar chains, and have taken clear influences from their hair salons when it comes to their injectable bar concept. Walk ins are welcome, guests are presented with fruit-garnished sparkling water on arrival (served in champagne flutes, as alcohol is of course not recommended prior to treatment), and even has a co-working space in the lounge, encouraging a group social environment.

Instagram: Alchemy 43

$99 per month membership at Alchemy 43 gets you your own savings account, which monthly fees are deposited into to redeem on treatment, free gift cards, and a free treatment such as lip filler after one year.

Another is the West Village’s ‘Ject’, just 3 months old, who boasts a glass frontage and treatment areas separated with curtains. Clearly targeted at Millennials and Gen Z, the clinic also features a photobooth and funky feature walls to encourage sharing. For any in doubt, the clinic recently made its standing clear on the very private nature of injectables with an Instagram post stating “Adieu, taboo.”

Instagram: Ject

Other recent openings include Plump (NY) and BotoxLabb – double B standing for Beauty bar.

Reportedly the leading aesthetic procedure since 1999, the number of anti-wrinkle treatments has been steadily rising over the past two decades. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2018, they had increased by 16.3% from the previous year. Fillers also increased by 12% in the same year.

Dr Grant Stevens, the president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said of the trend “Give it all the cute names you want, but it’s not a hair salon. It’s the practice of medicine.”

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