NAD+ Infusions May Be The Fountain Of Youth

If there was an infusion that could keep us not only looking young, but feeling young at the same time, it would be the best thing the medi-aesthetics industry has seen since Botox.

What sounds way too good to be true, is actually already on offer. NAD+ is a relatively unknown ‘brain-boosting’ substance that has shown incredible results in clinical trials. Research on NAD+ infusions have shown a profound effect on balancing neuro-chemistry to help improve intra-cellular and inter-cellular communication. In simpler terms, signs of ageing in the tissue and muscles can be reversed, and people who have been taking NAD+ supplements have reported less cravings, more energy, and a general improvement of their overall wellbeing.

The first to offer NAD+ infusion therapy in Australia is Dr Jeremy Cumpston from Ageless Clinic in Bondi. We picked his brain about the groundbreaking treatment.

“NAD+ is an essential co-enzyme in all-cellular function and is crucial in repair of damage to DNA of cells that occurs as part of normal ageing. Its positive effects on mood, cognition ( high level mental functioning ) and productivity are well documented in Europe and USA where the ‘brain boost’ and advanced cellular repair effects are sought out by high level professionals, entertainers, actors and professional sportsman looking for a legal edge in a high stress environment,” Dr Cumpston explains.

“After medical and psychological assessment, the client is offered a treatment program appropriate for the condition or symptoms they are experiencing. This might mean a short 1-2 hour infusion or a series of consecutive or semi consecutive (12 – 14) infusions that can last up to 6 hours.

“Our bespoke programs include appropriate communication with both GP’s, allied health professionals and specialists. We try where possible to include Neuro Linguistic programming support along with strict exercise and diet when dealing with patients fighting addiction. Each treatment is tailored to the patients goals and level of support they have to achieve them.”

NAD+ treatments are offered by Dr Jeremy Cumpston.

As NAD+ is a natural derivative of the vitamin niacin, it can’t be patented, which, Dr Cumpston says, is one of the reasons it’s “less accepted by medical legislators who tend to follow a big pharma model.” However, with people constantly looking for the next big thing in non-surgical rejuvenation, NAD+ could be used in many more spas and clinics soon.

“Clinics have to be aware of how potent this vitamin derivative is, be aware of the high cost of using research grade NAD+, and be prepared to undergo appropriate training and gain ongoing guidance, support and affiliation with international medical experts who have 20+ years experience in delivering successful and safe NAD+ protocols to patients,” Dr Cumpston advises.

Patients during the NAD+ treatment

Comparing it to more mainstream infusion treatments, such as Vitamin drips, the GP says it’s like comparing apples with pears.

“Infuse vitamin b, c , or glutathione, and you might feel better. Infuse NAD+ and you will feel a profound neurological change that leads to better neuronal cell function. I have been humbled by our results so far.”

All we can say is, watch this space as some of the world’s top scientists even go so far as to say the NAD+ discovery may be ‘on par with that of penicillin’.