Allergan Celebrates 50 Years With Pop-Up Gallery

In celebration of 50 years operating in Australia and New Zealand, Allergan chose a unique way to mark the occasion – a pop up art gallery in Sydney.

On Wednesday 26th September, Allergan hosted an array of industry experts, media, cosmetic practitioners, business owners and friends and customers of Allergan to experience ‘Innovation & Impact’ – The Allergan Exhibition 2018, which included collaborations with 7 popular Australian street artists, showcasing 14 bespoke pieces that both interpreted Allergan products and brought patient journeys to life.

In a display where science and art collide, the collection aimed to reflect Allergan’s bold culture, and give a nod to the concept of partnerships, collaborations, and listening to the community. Each artist displayed two pieces – the first of which represented a specific Allergan product, and the second representing a client’s journey and their experience through using that product.


A piece interpreting Juvederm by artist MAID, for example, reads ‘A practitioner’s hand is in the position it would take during treatment. The molecular structure of hyaluronic acid is seen trailing up the arm but also as the top layer. To me, hyaluronic acid is the most significant ingredient but without the Juvederm application method, the ingredient would not be as sufficient, this is why the molecular structure contours the arm. The branding colours have been carried throughout the piece.’

Its counterpart, highlighting an individual client’s experience, read ‘A highly contoured female is seen with strong enhanced features. Juvederm distilled confidence in her as well as making her feel more feminine by enhancing her desired features. The gold detailing resembles the camera flash as she states she is no longer camera shy.’

Other Allergan brands portrayed around the room included CoolSculpting, Botox, Optive Range, Xen and Ozurdex.

In a fun twist, Australian artist Scott Marsh completed one of his pieces live on the night, showing off his own personal creation process and techniques. The interactive elements didn’t end there, with guests encouraged to add their own artistic flair to a black and white ‘Innovation & Impact’ canvas. Others on show, both emerging and high profile artists, included Claire Foxton, Elliot Routledge, George Rose, Joel Birch and Ling.

Gerry Muhle, Vice President and Managing Director of Allergan Australia & New Zealand, said prior to the event, “I am excited to see how these talented Australian artists have interpreted our products and conveyed the patient experiences in their own unique ways. Understanding and acknowledging the emotional connections that Allergan and its products have made will hopefully inspire us all to be a part of a community that strives to be our best.”


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