What We Learned At Cosmoprof Asia This Week

It has certainly been one of the busiest weeks of the year for the beauty and aesthetics industry, with not one, not two, but three major conferences taking place in the past 7 days. Dr Steven Liew’s inaugural Aesthetics 2019 was a success, Stepehen Handisides’ Global Virtual Summit impressed an international audience, and Cosmoprof Asia brought together beauty industry professionals from all over the world in Hong Kong, despite the ongoing protests in the city.

We attended Cosmoprof this week and spent hours walking through seemingly endless halls full of exhibitors, we sat in plenty of Cosmotalks sessions learning the latest on all things spa and beauty, and we’ve talked to dozens of industry leaders to find out what the future of beauty and spa holds.

Running from 12–15 November 2019, the exhibition hosted 2,955 exhibitors from 48 different countries and regions, showcasing their new products and services across two venues comprising 118,900 sqm of exhibition area. Summing up what happened at Cosmoprof is quite the challenge, so here are some of our standout findings:

Sustainability is the only way forward

No longer a trend, but an absolute must, sustainability is here to stay. We found that the majority of brands at Cosmoprof were concerned with sustainability and their carbon footprint. Using recycled plastic or paper for packaging, encouraging customers to refill rather than re-buy, and supporting different environmental causes were only a few positive initiatives we saw.

Technology will complement spa treatments

Whether it’s smart mirrors that analyse your skin and recommend suitable products, or VR goggles to be used during a mani-pedi, AI is getting more clever and intuitive all the time and will soon be a staple in most spas and clinics. Nothing can replace the human touch, but technology can enhance the client’s treatment experience.

Skincare is a booming market

According to Euromonitor, skincare retail value sales exceeded 135 bio USD in 2018 with another 3% growth predicted by 2023. Clients are increasingly more educated about ingredients in skincare and make an effort to find the right products for their skin.

At-home devices can enhance results

The amount of exhibitors showcasing handheld devices for at-home use was high, from deep-cleansing to plasma and galvanic portables. Educating clients on the correct use of these devices is paramount, but in many cases selling at-home devices can be a welcome addition to your business – both for you and the client.

Express treatments will capture Gen Z

If you’re targeting a younger client base, offering express services such a 30-min facials, LED sessions, or a quick deeply relaxing massage may attract the often time-poor 20-somethings. They want big results in little time – challenging, but not impossible!

“Cosmoprof Asia continues to present an insightful and forward-looking picture of the cosmetic world, including the all-important Asia market,” says David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia, Informa Markets and Director, Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “It is an invaluable resource for all industry stakeholders, offering an annual barometer for the present status quo and game changing insights into future trends. Most importantly, Cosmoprof Asia is second-to-none when it comes to networking and business.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for having us, Hong Kong!

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