Pinterest 100 Reveals Beauty Trends

With over 200 million users, Pinterest has grown into one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet. As an inspiration hub, the annual Pinterest 100, a global trend forecast, sheds some light on people’s most popular searches and trending topics.

The trends included in the Pinterest 100 are not your typical “hot” trends that quickly burn out, but are ideas that are gaining mainstream momentum and capturing the attention of more than 200 million monthly people on Pinterest around the world.

As such, the trending searches and saved pins in categories such as wellness and beauty give a valuable insight into consumers’ minds. As beauty therapists or spa owners, it is vital to stay ahead of the game and know which treatments to invest in, so we’ve dissected the Pinterest 100 to find the most relevant treatments and topics to remember for 2018:

  • Next-level lashes: Brows are still big, but all eyes are on long, lush lashes and how to get them (searches for “lashes” +152%)
  • Oil, beauty’s biggest overachiever: The unexpected beauty product for softer skin, smoother hair and shinier lips (saves for “cleansing oil” +555%)
  • 50 shades of you: More skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest, are being covered in new shade-inclusive foundation lines (saves for “complexion matching” +378%)
  • This is how we roll: From ice and derma, to jade and quartz, facial rollers are a beloved beauty tool (saves for “derma roller” +345%)
  • A gut feeling: To deal with digestive issues, people are balancing their bacteria with more gut-friendly grub (saves for “gut health” +251%)
  • The vitamin for brighter skin: Squeezing its way into everyone’s morning routine, vitamin C serum is believed to improve skin texture and quality (saves for “vitamin C serum” +3379%)

If none of the above have been on your radar, it might be worth thinking about implementing at least one of the trending products. It could be as easy as introducing a probiotic supplement into your retail space, or educating your clients about Vitamin C in their skincare routine.

In an industry that evolves as quickly as the spa industry, listening to what customers want and tweaking your business accordingly ensures you’re not left behind.

You can find the full Pinterest 100 report here.