Laser Clinics Australia Invests In New Training And Education Initiatives

In 2022, all Laser Clinics Australia Franchises will undertake their new education initiative, Laser Luminaries.  

Education has been an important focus over the past year with many clinics taking advantage of lockdown downtime to upskill their team and develop new and exciting client experiences. The rush to take on training has highlighted how important both initial and continued education and development is to the industry.

So, Australia’s largest chain of laser and skin treatment clinic franchises, Laser Clinics Australia (LCA), is investing in market-leading training and education initiatives to offer its largely millennial and female workforce critical skills. The training is already generating immediate sales results for franchise owners and having a powerful personal impact on clinic staff.

Laser Clinics has engaged globally renowned retail education expert, Terry Hawkins, to create a custom training program called Laser Luminaries that will embed a dedicated customer experience system for Franchisees, Clinic Managers and Therapists. We spoke with Terry, and LCA’s General Manager, Shannon Luxford, about the new standard of education that LCA are setting for the industry.

Can you tell us about your background and the experience that has gone into creating the Laser Luminaries training program?

Retail Education Expert, Terry Hawkins

TH: I have worked in retail, beauty and coaching for 35+ years. My passion has always been to show retail professionals that they have the ability to positively influence another person in every interaction they have personally and professionally. Having also had an incredibly challenging childhood, I realised the power of personal growth and self-awareness, especially as a young adult, so I combined both – business skills with life skills – and it was a winning formula!

What are some of the key skills covered in the course?

TH: Laser Luminaries is a multi-level system which supports the development and career path of a beauty industry professional. It is delivered as a hybrid method, with dynamic in-person and online facilitation, and comprehensive support materials. The first 3 levels of Laser Luminaries are:

  1. Laser Luminaries (Customer)
  2. Laser Luminaries (Leader)
  3. Laser Luminaries (Lite)

Unlike most “skills” focus programs which are often driven just to increase sales, Laser Luminaries’ success lies in the delicate synthesizing of 3 core components:

  1. Emotional and Intuitive Empathic Communication
  2. Re-wiring of Steps Processes & Behavioral Patterning
  3. Self-awareness and Regulation

What outcomes have you been seeing and how will these impact the careers of people in the beauty industry?

TH: The complete focus is on the development of the whole human being, (skills, behaviours, mindset, relationship strategies). Rather than being seen as a “resource”, the participant identifies as a valuable and influential person, who also contributes greatly to the lives of their customers and the success of their clinic. As a result, we have seen significant increases in all KPI’s from those who have completed the courses. More importantly, these professionals come away with the skills to equip them in building stronger client relationships and strengthening their own confidence. It is common to hear participants say the experience was “life changing”, and expressing deep gratitude for being included and invested in.

Can you tell us why you decided to introduce the Laser Luminaries training program?

LCA General Manager, Shannon Luxford

SL: Our staff are very well trained in delivering affordable and accessible advanced beauty treatments but we wanted to upskill them further when interacting with clients. We believe that customer experience will be a key differentiator as our industry matures and as such we wanted to create a market leading program to support our 1600 strong therapists in delivering the very best for our clients.

How has it impacted your staff and their careers so far?

SL: The Laser Luminaries program has given staff the confidence to engage with customers in a more authentic and empathic way while still achieving their KPI’s. It has been encouraging to hear many of our staff describing the program as a “life-changing experience”. The pilot program has also generated immediate results for franchise owners, with sales increasing up to 42 per cent in some clinics.

How do you predict training programs like this will impact the future of your franchises?  

SL: Laser Luminaries is an example of Laser Clinics’ strong commitment to providing the highest level of training opportunities for its franchisees and clinic staff. Following the success of the pilot program, Laser Luminaries will be rolled out across the Laser Clinics network in FY22. This year, Laser Clinics also opened three dedicated training schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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