Full Programme Announced And Early Bird Extended!

Our inaugural BEAUTY&SPA Insiders summit is only two months away, so if you haven’t bought tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Early Bird ticket sales have been extended until April 5, so buy your tickets here and save $100 off the full price! We’ve just released the full programme with all our wonderful speakers who are experts in their fields and will offer inspiring insight. Here’s what you can expect at BEAUTY&SPA Insiders in Sydney on May 27…

Opening Keynote: Natalie Isaacs

Natalie Isaacs is the founder and CEO of 1 Million Women, a global movement of women and girls who take practical action to fight climate change by changing the way they live. A former cosmetics manufacturer, Natalie realised that individual action is key to a powerful path to solving the climate crisis.

Worldwide Trends In Spa And Beauty: Erin Norden (Clean Beauty Market) and Sarah Laidlaw (MUA and Priceline Makeup Director)


What’s the latest in skincare, makeup, and the aesthetics industry in general? With trends often starting overseas, Erin Norden and Sarah Laidlaw will share their recent finds of what consumer want now (and will want very soon).

Taking Care Of Your Own PR Like A Boss: Kristin Fisher (Kristin Fisher)

Hiring a PR agency to take care of your social media and marketing can be pretty costly, but is it possible to do it yourself? Brow whizz Kristin Fisher explains how she does it.

How I Found My Dream Team – Tips and Tricks On Recruitment: Natalie Papadopoulos (The Parlour Room) and Tamara Shaw (Beaute Industrie)

Your staff can make or break your business, and hiring new personnel can be extremely stressful. Natalie Papadopoulos and Tamara Shaw tell us their tips on how to find the right fit for your team and keep everyone happy.

Why Your Before And After Images Suck And How To Get It Right: Woodrow Wilson (Clinical Imaging)

Your clients’ before and after images are one of your biggest selling points. But blurry, poorly lit shots taken with a phone can do more harm than good to your business. Woodrow Wilson explains how you can fix this.

Beauty From The Inside Out: Chiza Westcarr

It’s no secret that our diet is directly linked to our skin, but how can beauty therapists combine treating both inner and outer beauty? Nutritionist and skin expert Chiza Westcarr explains all there is to know.

Innovative Injectables – Why You Should Treat More Than Lips and Frown Lines: Dr Kate Jameson (Youth Lab)

Injectables are here to stay, but do your injectors know that there is a world beyond lips and eyes? Dr Kate tells us about the many ways in which she uses botulinum toxin and filler.

How To Keep Your Integrity Selling Beauty Services: Sofia Amirova (Amirova Cosmetic Clinic)

Can we sell beauty services and empower women at the same time? Sofia Amirova talks about her approach to the fine line between the pressure and the power of beauty.

The Brand Journey: Isabel Trulux (Trulux)

What happens between the moment you have an idea for a product to the moment it hits shelves? Isabel Trulux tells us what it takes to create something great.

Learning To Love Your Haters: Dr Naomi (The Manse Clinic)

As the owner of the most followed Instagram account in the cosmetic medical industry in Australia and the founder of The Manse Clinic, Dr Naomi will shed light on how she deals with the pressure of social media and the fans and trolls alike that come with it.

Under The Influence – Are Influencers Worth Investing In?: Sharyn Smith (Social Soup)

Influencers can mean big business, but are they right for your brand? Sharyn Smith explains what you need to know.

E-Commerce VS Retail – What Works For You?: Katie Lowndes (Beauty Sale Mate)

Should you sell your skincare range on your website as well as at your reception area? Katie Lowndes shares her sales knowledge.

Are Devices Worth Their Hefty Price Tag?: Kelly George and Dr Bruce Williamson

You can achieve amazing results with lasers & co, but is the investment worth it in the long run? Kelly George and Dr Williamson tell us how they make their purchasing decisions.

DIY: The Challenges And Rewards Of Creating Our Own Skincare Ranges: Dr Michael Freeman, Amanda Appel (BLOC Cosmetics) and Vaia Pappas (Vaia Beauty)

If you’ve considered creating your own skincare, hearing the founders of BLOC and Vaia Beauty talk about their journey will answer all your questions.

The Discounting Dilemma: Pros and Cons: Lisa Conway (Zing Business Coaching)

Great marketing strategy or detriment to your brand? Lisa Conway explains how to approach the tricky subject of discounting treatments.

The Mistakes I Don’t Regret – Key Things I’ve Learned In My Career: Carla Preston (Beuty in a Box) and Angelina Veljanoski (Skin Angel)

Success doesn’t happen overnight; Carla Preston and Angelina Veljanoski share how they’ve built their brands and what they’ve learned along the way.

“BEAUTY&SPA Insiders is a very exciting opportunity for us as a trusted industry publication to bring together the most inspiring people in the aesthetics industry, and offer our readers a chance to connect, share their experience, and grow their businesses by supporting each other. In a world where we so heavily rely on texting and e-mailing, coming together like this and actually talking to each other will be a valuable experience for everyone involved,” says SPA+CLINIC Editor Nadine Dilong.

We can’t wait to see you in May! Visit www.beautyandspainsiders.com.au for more info.

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