Skin Spa Medispa Owner Shares Her Tips For Incorporating Post-Treatment Makeup Into Your Offering

SPA+CLINIC goes behind the scenes with the Brisbane-based business’s owner, Margaret Young.

Situated in Brisbane’s leafy suburb of Ashgrove, Skin Spa Medispa is a tranquil haven for both the mind and body. Boasting a range of treatments including medi-facials and cosmetic injectables, the business has built a reputation on delivering therapies with real results.

SPA+CLINIC caught up with Skin Spa Medispa Owner, Margaret Young, to hear all about what they’ve been up to and their favourite makeup range to stock.

What type of experience does Skin Spa Medispa offer?

Established in 2005, Skin Spa has treated thousands of clients with skin conditions, hair removal, anti-ageing and skin ambitions with a variety of electronic and cosmeceutical technologies. Skin Spa’s mantra has always been to offer “Quality Technology | Quality Service | Quality Therapists”

Skin Spa also believes in supporting its local community and has trained over 50 beauty students, sponsors over 11 schools and has donated over $20,000 in sponsorships as part of its social and sustainable policies.

Pictured: Skin Spa Medispa Owner, Margaret Young.
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What are some of your most popular treatments?

Our most popular treatments vary with the seasons and are also subject to trends that are driven by the media. For example, we see many clients with skin hydration issues over our current unseasonal, long winter right now. After the festive seasons of Easter and Christmas we often see oil-related skin conditions, but interestingly, some years you will see demand for microdermabrasion and collagen-related treatments. It moves and changes very rapidly, so the key is to be agile with your technology and Ultraderm product range for example.

How do you find new team members and what do you look out for?

Skin Spa looks for coachability, quality of personality and quality communication skills as the foundations for a team member. Naturally, Diploma qualifications need to be supported by additional training and the willingness to learn endless amounts of other skills.

In the past, our team members have been acquired through them finding us with strong and detailed resumes, whilst being committed to further study. We have also found social networks have been effective in linking our team members to Skin Spa.

What prompted your decision to stock Advanced Mineral Makeup?

Stocking Advanced Mineral Makeup was an easy decision as we wanted to offer clients post-skin-treatment options that had more ingredient quality than over-the-counter options. Being supported by Ultraderm was another reason as they offer unparalleled product support and staff training.

Clients will typically purchase the products and administer at home. We have found that they welcome any technical advice pre-sales, to assist them in matching their skin type with the correct product.

What do your clients like about Advanced Mineral Makeup?

The feedback we have received indicates that the colour match, texture and the fact that it is concentrated is what clients have warmed to. Some clients mention that their pores are not clogged up with this range.

Any tips for selling makeup at Skin Spa?

Honesty is the best policy. We like to socialise an idea on a suitable product with our clients, but never oversell it. Some products are perfectly suited and others, like all things, can be marginal. If it may only deliver a marginal offering, we will certainly let the client know.

Do you incorporate it into your product suggestions/is it on display?

Proudly displayed at the front counter, the Advanced Mineral makeup display has testers and booklets for easy access. We think this is important as a make-up range is highly personal and a fit must be felt for it to be purchased by the customer.

What’s your favourite Advanced Mineral makeup product and why?

The Liquid Mineral Foundation is a favourite with Skin Spa staff and clients. We hear that the light texture and “spreadability” of the product delivers consistent application and coverage. The range of shades makes it easy to find a match as well!

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