Should Foundation Be A Part Of Your Clients’ After Care Regime?

It goes without saying that how your clients care for their skin after a treatment can be just as impactful as the treatment itself.

Prescribing a take home skincare routine and a list of do’s and don’ts will help to protect vulnerable post-treatment skin and can improve the overall results. So, are you missing the chance to help your clients achieve their skin goals by not providing them foundation?

As much as we’d love to admit we’re willing to grin and bare that familiar feeling of red, flaky, sensitised and even scarred skin after a treatment, the urge to cover healing skin with a little foundation is all too strong. Rather than risking your clients turning to any old coverage product in their beauty bags and causing potential damage, it only makes sense to provide a skin-friendly alternative.  

Senior Dermal Therapist at All Saints Clinic and Le Petit Saint, Michelle Glenfield, recommends Oxygenetix to her clients. Originally formulated for use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic professionals, it counts celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Margot Robbie as fans and it’s safe for using after a host of skin treatments and on healing scars.

Senior Dermal Therapist Michelle Glenfield

“Oxygenetix is in a league of its own as it was designed to apply post treatment to not only allow the skin to breath but to heal as you wear it,” says Michelle. “It has beautiful anti- inflammatory ingredients to soothe and alleviate any irritation or redness.”

“We use Oxygenetix post most of our treatments. It is particularly good post peels, non ablative fraxel and skin needling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.”

And your team don’t even have to be makeup experts to help your clients and patients find their foundation match. Oxygenetix has launched a new online shade matching feature that uses breakthrough technology to give accurate results from the comfort of your clinic, or even their home.

From a smart phone, clients can take photos under different lighting and follow the given tips on how to take the best photo for the most accurate skin tone matches.  Clients receive their recommended shade match on the spot making it easy for you to package their product to take home or shop from your e-commerce store when they need to restock.

Offering a healthier foundation alternative like Oxygenetix is yet another way to improve the overall experience you’re creating for your clients and ensure they’re caring for their post-treatment skin. And Michelle says it’s also a major confidence booster.

“Our clients love the coverage and the fact that it not only provides a flawless base, but it can also treat their skin. Minimal top ups are required and it’s fabulous for coverage of pigmentation. Hence giving our clients some confidence that their skin can be concealed the next day, particularly with any treatment requiring some downtime.”

Will you be adding a skin-friendly foundation to your client’s post-treatment care plan? Sound off in the comments.


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