Physical Sunscreens – Not Just For Your Face

Both beautiful and harsh, Australia is known for having some particularly severe weather conditions. In fact, according to a recent study from Monash University, Australia’s proximity to the equator, the high sun elevation and generally clear skies means higher levels of UV radiation than our European and American counterparts.

Now that we’ve officially reached summer you should well and truly be emphasising the importance of sun protection to every single one of your clients. As evidence of negative impacts of chemical sunscreen continues to mount (both on the health of our bodies and our oceans) you may already be considering a natural, physical/mineral sunscreen alternative.

Another benefit is that mineral sunscreens are ideal for use after laser treatments, being low-irritant and offering a physical barrier against ultra violet as opposed to being absorbed into the blood stream. The UV absorbers contained in chemical sunscreen also, when exposed to sunlight, convert to a low level of heat – also not ideal after certain clinical treatments.

When it comes to physical sun protection for the face, the options are widespread, however natural sunscreens for the body here in Australia are extremely limited, particularly when it comes to brands that you can stock in your spa, salon or clinic. Luckily we’ve managed to track down a few top notch professional brands you and your clients can feel good about:

Moo Goo Natural Sunscreen SPF40
A broad spectrum sun protection using only zinc as the active ingredient, without being too greasy. The formula is stable, gentle on all skin types and ages, provides a strong reflective film, and is naturally preserved.

Little Innoscents Natural Sun Lotion SPF30
A brand specifically designed to provide safe, pure and natural skincare for infants, also offer a natural sunscreen perfect for adults too. This zinc based sunshield is infused with other goodies like Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Rosehip.

Eco Tan Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen SPF30
A zinc based natural sunscreen that rubs in clear, is untinted, and suitable for face and body. Free from synthetic ingredients, it also contains Vitamin E, Green Tea and Rosehip to nourish and moisturise skin. 3 hours water resistant and suitable for all ages.

Cosmedix Reflect SPF15
Titanium dioxide-based, Reflect is a powerful spritz-on sun protection is lightweight, oil-free, non-irritating and leaves no white residue, without sacrificing efficacy. It won’t sweat off either, so is perfect for active clients.

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