How Beauty Boosters Revolutionises The Supplement Space

Beauty supplements are making quite a splash in the industry right now, but not all supplements are made the same. Ingredients range from brand to brand, and each contain their own unique focus areas and desired outcomes. While improving skin, hair and nail health always top the list, benefits can range anywhere from improving skin brightness and plumpness, to extended benefits like mental clarity or sleep aid. We chat to Lianne Leach, Brand Manager for one of the leaders in skin vitamins, Beauty Boosters, to hear what makes the brand tick.

What is Beauty Boosters in a nutshell?
To achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, it’s important to look beyond what we simply put on our skin to what we can do to support the beauty regime from below the surface.

The Beauty Boosters supplement range brings a carefully considered line-up of nutrients designed to maintain healthy skin. There are 3 Beauty Boosters in the range; Glow Getter, Collagen-C and Complexion Perfection all designed to maintain skin health and assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing. They contain a range of powerful ingredients including Vitamin C to support connective tissue formation and Evening Primrose Oil which is traditionally used in herbal medicine to assist with the relief of dry, itchy skin conditions.

How does the range differ to others on the market?
We are a beauty brand. We deliver exquisite products and support our story with sophistication and simplicity. Our brand fits comfortably into the beauty aisle, rather than the health vitamins space which is a proactive and revolutionary approach to the beauty wellbeing category.

How do you compare to other supplements for skin?
The Beauty Boosters supplements range contains bio available nutrients, packed into small, convenient tablets so they are easy to incorporate into the daily beauty routine. Perfect for the busy mum or professional woman who juggles her busy social life, eats well (mostly), and also knows that sometimes there’s nothing like a good shopping trip and a glass of wine to bring inner peace but is also into a little yoga.

Is the range designed to be used together at once?
Yes! The 3 products from Beauty Boosters are designed to work together, with carefully balanced dosages to optimise skin health and wellbeing. So while they each have unique ingredients with specific benefits, you will see the best results taking the full set.

How does it complement exterior skincare routines or cosmetic procedures?
To achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, it’s important to look beyond what we simply put on our skin to what we can do to support the beauty regime from below the surface. Genuine results driven skincare promotes skin vitality not only on the outside, but by maintaining skin health at a cellular level. So while your favourite creams, oils and serums are working on the outside, Beauty Boosters supports healthy skin from within.

Would you recommend the range be stocked in spas, clinics and salons, and why?
Absolutely! We’ve seen amazing results and are getting great feedback from spas, salons and clinics who recommend Beauty Boosters to their clients as part of their aftercare. People trust their Beauty Specialist and by adding Beauty Boosters to their routine to complement their external products and treatments, should see great results and keep coming back for more!

Do you have plans to expand the range in the future?
Yes! Watch this space….