Here’s Your Checklist To Be Reopening Ready In NSW On Monday

Organisation is the key to a seamless reopening for you, your team and your clients.

It’s not long now until NSW clinics can open their doors and we’re hoping VIC isn’t too far behind. But there’s a lot to get done between now and then! So, we’ve put together a checklist of the top line things you need to focus on to prepare your business to reopen safely.

1. Finalise your COVID Safe plan

It’s likely mandatory that your business has a COVID Safe plan in place and has registered it with the state government. It should cover everything your business plans to do to prevent the introduction of COVID into your workplace, how you will prepare for and respond to any positive cases and how you’ll meet any additional requirements set by your relevant state authorities.

You can find a template for creating a NSW COVID Safe Plan here, and one for VIC here.

2. Communicate your reopening plan with your team

It’s really important that you take time to communicate with your team about your reopening plan, their obligations and the specific details of what will be different about their day-to-day lives in the clinic once you’re open. Call your team one-on-one to give them the chance to ask questions privately, then bring everyone together to talk through rosters, new policies and procedures and your plan to support them coming back to a busy clinic.

3. Re-evaluate your service prices

It’s a great time to look at your prices before reopening to make sure they’re still appropriate for your business. You and your team may have undergone additional training while in lockdown that would warrant a price increase. You also need to consider any additional costs to consumables, PPE, cleaning supplies or decreased capacities that may impact your bottom line.

4. Get in touch with your clients

You’ve likely already started rebooking clients and we bet you’re fielding plenty of enquiries and questions. It can seem like a mammoth job so taking some time to put together an email to send to your entire database will save you some time. In your communication you should include your reopening date and hours of operation, your COVID Safe plan, any changes to your services clients should be aware of, your cancellation policy as well as anything you require of clients upon returning to your clinic such as mask wearing.

5. Check your backbar and retail stock levels

It’s always best to double check that you’re prepared for the rush of reopening with plenty of stock on hand. Keep in mind that shipping times have been significantly delayed during lockdown and things will only get worse as we approach Christmas. So, be prepared and get any orders for additional supplies in early.

6. Prepare your marketing materials

Finally, things will be busy when you’re servicing clients again so it’s a good idea to prepare some content that will automate your marketing efforts. Think social media posts detailing any promotions, your opening hours and your preferred booking process. You can also prepare an email to send to your database in a month or two to update them on appointment availability before Christmas as well as any changes necessary when states move into next phases of their reopening plan.


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